The Runner in Me (84/365)

After being successfully able to run multiple days a week, I finally picked up some of Brian’s running magazines.  It did, after all, pay off.  I’ve found a lot of tips and techniques… and I figured it was something worth sharing.  So here’s a couple of interesting tidbits you might be interested in.

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On How to Start (Taking you through your first three weeks of running)

First-run horror stories are common, but avoidable.  “Starting or returning to a sport is going to be a little uncomfortable because you’re not conditioned to it,” says coach Greg McMillan.  Having been a runner before or being fit doesn’t exempt you from this reality.  Elizabeth Hufton, 29, who recently returned to running after after more than a year out, says, “At first my legs gave out with a few minutes’ jogging.  I’d cross=trained, but it was a shock to find how much running fitness I’d lost.”

Minimise discomfort by taking walk breaks and keeping your pace slow.  Use the following guidelines to map running a positive experience.

TIP #1: Walk First

Start with three 30-minute walk a week for two to three weeks.

TIP #2: Then Run/Walk

Interspersing walk breaks into your running lets you catch your breath and protects your joints and muscles.  “Even if you’ve run before, and especially is you’re returning from an injury, walk breaks are smart,” says top coach Jeff Galloway.

TIP #3: Go for Time Over Distance

Runner love ticking off the miles, but don’t worry about that at first.  Running by time de-emphasizes pace, and allows you to adjust to how you feel that day.

TIP #4: Tap the Power of Three

“People who do not run regularly are more likely to quit,” says Galloway.  Run three days a week: you can only achieve running fitness if you do it consistently.

TIP #5: Get to the Ninth Run

The end of the third week is the turning point for many new and returning runners.  “Your metabolism’s changed, you’ve got more energy, you’ve probably improved your diet – everything starts happening for you,” says Anderson.  “But you start to feel unfulfilled, so you need a new target.”

TIP #6: Endurance Over Speed

Fast running puts a greater demand on your muscles, connective tissues and cardiovascular system than jogging.  Build to 30 continuous minutes before you work on speed.

*          *          *

Running, right now, is something I do because of vanity.  One day, I know it will become a habit.  And then, hopefully, a lifestyle.  It’s not easy, but it’s possible.  But I do need all the help I can get.

Hopefully, you got something out of this, too.

Ciao Bella!


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One response to “The Runner in Me (84/365)

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I’m starting to get addicted to running and I’m happy with the results!

    I also love your new blog banner! 🙂

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