Road Rage on the Fly (90/365)

The girl sitting next to me in the FX had a paper bag.  She opted to place it on top of the glove compartment (we were sitting in front).  Unfortunately, the FX stopped rather abruptly, causing the bag to fall.  On me.

With no apology, she picks up the paper bag and places it on the floor.  Too late, girly-girl, there’s a really long white line running down my leg.  I seriously wanted to snatch the paper bag away from her and use it to smack her in the face.

Then there was that whole thing in the office that made me want to hurt someone.

You know, there are days when I feel my brain processes things a little differently and a little faster than that of the average person’s.

Well, today is definitely one of those days.  And it isn’t even lunch yet.

Ciao Bella!


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