On Christmas Day (95/365)

LOVE: The Lovers
MOOD: The Pope
CAREER: The World

You are loved, dear Phoenixfire – very much! Maybe you don’t realize it, as the destabilizing influence of the Lovers tends to cast a shadow of doubt on everything, but you should know that you have a very solid support system. The Pope represents that special friend, relative or significant other who will gladly listen when you feel the need to open up and pour out your feelings… Remember that you are not alone, and discard those uncertainties!

As far as your work is concerned, the symbol of the World puts a spotlight on affairs outside your immediate sphere, while the Pope guarantees the success of your endeavors, however ambitious. Don’t be afraid to think big. Broaden your horizons, set the bar high, demand a share of the profits. Today’s cards symbolize results and success, so stride forward with confidence.


I can hear Brian talking to Siri in the living room. He’s finally gotten his iPhone 4S – no complaints here, seeing how his iPhone 4 went to me.

Anyway, one thing I really did missed was the fabulous apps of Apple – now I have it again and found this really cool application that gives you daily horoscope and tarot card readings. I’ve found myself returning to the Mystical these past few days – and I guess I would have found my way back eventually. D’s messages from The Universe started it, I think. Now that I’m getting my own, it only seemed right to follow the path that feels… right.

2012’s not that far off. Yesterday, I even made my first resolution: (for those who don’t follow my twitter account) I will be a more faithful artist next year.

I made that promise to myself and to the Universe, I think. And I have every intention of keeping it.

Ciao Bella!


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