13 in ’12: Time

There’s this line that I read a couple of years ago that made such an impact that I still remember it now: “Time heals all wounds. Give time, time.”

Time. Such a lofty concept. The one thing we never have enough of.

And yet you would be surprised to know how it is too often set aside as if its passing has no bearing on how things play out.

I’m a bitch. I know that. I admit it. I’m not super proud of it and, most of the time, I am able to keep my horns from protruding. It takes a certain kind of event to trigger its reappearance.

Just yesterday, I was telling my class that one of the best ways to manage your boss is to know what their pet peeve was and learn how to go around it. I told them my pet peeve was “the pa-victim effect”. I HATE that.

Today, I discovered pet peeve number two: IRRESPONSIBILITY.

Call it what you want – accountability, ownership, doing what you’re supposed to do, not being a “patay bulate”, not waiting for the apple to fall into your mouth… You do know that I can go on and on and on, right?

Needless to say, I am very, very pissed right now. I’ve pretty much worked in service-oriented organizations my entire career and one thing that I really learned is that our business is not really our products, but the people who use it. Our clients are our lifeblood. So when someone calls and it needs to be referred to a different person, we better make sure that we get it to that person at the soonest time possible. And in the advent of all the high-tech gadgets available to us these days, short of being locked up without your cellphone or finding yourself in mortal peril from 11:00 am to 7:30 am the following day, there is virtually no excuse.

Maybe E was right. Maybe you don’t belong here.


Ciao Bella!


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