26 in ’12: Believer

In light of recent events, I haven’t been opening my email (I’ve been on vacation since Thursday last week). I missed several messages from The Universe and, now that I’ve read it, it is nothing short of… telling.

I leave it up to you so interpret…

*          *          *

Maundy Thursday (April 5)

You only ever have to ride the wave of life, Phoenixfire, not create it, to be taken anywhere you dream of being.

Hang ten,
The Universe

*          *          *

Good Friday (April 6)

Never has there been a moment in your life, Phoenixfire, that wasn’t also a moment in mine.

Never have you laughed without me, cried alone, or loved in vain.

And never have you dreamed a dream, that destiny had not ordained.

The Universe

*          *          *

Black Saturday (April 7)

A Universal Rule on Decision Making…

Don’t make them, Phoenixfire, until it’s time to make them.

Unless you already know what you want, in which case, however, there is no decision to be made.

You know,
The Universe

*          *          *

Finding Faith

It is fairly unusual for me to find someone to talk to who does not look at me strangely after hours of conversation. My views in life are rather… Strange… And it has been my experience that people find my beliefs weird and at odds with what has been deemed as “socially acceptable” (a concept, by the way, that I am violently opposed to). So to find someone who gets me without the need for any kind of explanation is something else.

I once told a friend I cannot believe that this is the only life I’ve lived. There are too many things about me that do not “fit” this particular world. This, I think, has always supported my belief in past lives. I also believe that our past lives influence the things we are inexplicably drawn to in the present. I believe there are people we are destined to find over and over again because any life remains incomplete without them.

Someone once told me that there really isn’t a right time or a wrong time for something – and I guess that’s true. Everything happens for a reason, even if sometimes we don’t understand why it happened when it did.

The concept of soul mates is another thing that I actually find logic in. A soul mate is exactly what it says it is – a the other half of your spirit. I believe all spirits made flesh are split into two, and if both are born in the same lifetime, each continually searches for the other, whether consciously or unconsciously. This accounts for that inexplicable longing we sometimes feel, no matter how fulfilled or complete we see our lives to be. Despite the popular, romanticized notion of Twin Spirits, I just believe that our soul mate is that person who embraces our essence wholly. It’s the person who walks with us as we go through life, journeying with us as we travel towards what we were born to do.

*          *          *

Dear Universe,

I know.

Forever In Love,
Phoenix fire

AudioSlave To: Suddenly (Soraya)

Blessed Be…


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