28 in ’12: Thankful

A main “Criterion of Consciousness” for the human experience, Phoenixfire, is never having all you want. For as one dream comes true, another swiftly takes its place. Not having all you want is one of life’s constants.

And learning to be happy while not yet having all you want is the first “Criterion of Joy.” Nail it, and for the rest of your life people will be asking what it is about you.

Desire, Phoenixfire, is a beautiful thing.

The Universe

*          *          *

They say that happiness is a choice… That it’s never really about having what you want, but wanting what you have.

But what do you do when what you have leaves you incomplete? Empty? Lonely?

You begin searching. Or rather, your soul does. And that’s where I am right now, I guess. I’m searching for something that will make my world make sense. I’m searching for… peace. The same peace I glimpsed fleetingly on that one silent night on the balcony.

But then I have to wonder… What if that one night – that one perfectly peaceful night – is all I’ll ever get to have?

One day, I know I’ll have to make a choice – whether I’ll live out the rest of my days wishing for more nights like that, or just being thankful that I at least had one.

Even if it’s the only one I’ll ever have.

Blessed Be…



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3 responses to “28 in ’12: Thankful

  1. twospirit22

    Good thing I got locked out cause I was able to read this nourishing blog. I’m letting your words marinade for a while. 🙂

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