33 in ’12: Drowning

Today I finished Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why.

After I read the last line, I closed the ebook page on my browser. Then I opened the window to my room and lit a cigarette. I blew smoke in the air while looking at a distance.

In the silence of afternoon, I felt my world crashing down around me.

Then, in the stillness of twilight…
Then, in the midst of the loneliness eating away at my soul…
Then, in the waves of sorrow that, bit by bit, broke my heart…

I broke down and cried.


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One response to “33 in ’12: Drowning

  1. Chi

    Whenever I find myself broken down, I always go by this: that if doesn’t kill me then it will make me stronger. For whatever it’s worth, you hang in there and I hope to see the stronger you.

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