56 in ’12: Decency

I must admit that I fly off my handle when something ticks me off. I have a temper problem, I have to admit that, too. One good thing about me is when I’m wrong, I admit it… And not just to myself, but even to the one I should be admitting it to.

So here goes.

*          *          *

Baby Girl,

That it, in truth, what you are in my eyes… After all, old enough to do better, young enough to do it again, right?

If, truly, there was no attempt to add me to (social networking site undisclosed), then I am sorry for posting what I did. Had it been a person less credible than your team lead who told a close friend that the attempt did not happen, I would not even be considering the possibility of it being true. But, regardless of not knowing her personally, I respect your team lead, based on what I know of her competence, perspective and sound judgement.

But I digress. I write this because I am sorry. Regardless of how it affected you – or if it even did (because obviously it affected someone else) – is not the point. If what he said was true – that you were the one encouraging him to have closure with me – then kudos to you.

It still, however, doesn’t change the fact that you knew about me.  From the beginning.


*          *          *

Learn.  I know I did.

And that, old man, is decency.



Ciao Bella!


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