68 in ’12: Ooh La Love

Homaygad… This song made me smile so much today.

Celestial Bliss

*          *          *

Hey baby
It’s you I truly adore
I finally found the
Peace of never wanting more
Singin’ a sweet song of
Who and where I belong
I see a vision of a love
That’s more than strong
I feel so fine, truly divine
My dream has
Come to life, hey yeah
You’re always there
On my mind

‘Cause when I need two arms
That can hold me tight
A tender loving kiss
That can make it right
Someone to chase the
Darkness into the light
I know it’s true
Baby, there’s none
Better than you

‘Cause my love is true, ooh

Oh my dear I can’t say
The way that I feel
You’re more than words
You’re more than
Pictures can reveal
Sugar is sweet but
With you it’s hard
To believe (believe)
There’s nothing to compare
You’re all I want and need
Eternally I’m gonna see
All that love can be
Yeah yeah
Heaven has given to me

Hold me tight
(Tender loving kiss
Can make it right)
Can make it right
(Someone to chase the
Darkness into the light)
I know it’s true
Yeah yeah
Baby, there’s none
Better than you

And I know in time
Our hearts
Will be together
I see your smile
And I see forever
Baby, baby
And our love is true
There’s no one
Better, oh
There’s no one
Better than you

Better Than You
Lisa Keith


Ciao Bella!


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One response to “68 in ’12: Ooh La Love

  1. Mutantur omnia nos et mutamur in illis All things change, and we change with them.

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