69 in ’12: Being Broken

I was going through my days as Angelisis and found this.

*          *          *

A silhouette bathed in silver light
soft scratches of parchment and quill
whispers mingle with the tears of night
she knew in her heart she loved you still

In numbered nights and dying days
of soft, slow touches and the perfect kiss
in fear of time of parting ways
past-lived thoughts of consuming bliss

A flame that flickers in shadowed silence
A soul lives for a heart that is damned
When words fail and that’s left is blindness
She reaches out and holds your hand

Melancholy is a comforting friend
In picturesque moments of ebony-blue
The prelude to happiness that knows no end
With faith in her soul, she hoped for you

The soul struggles to keep in flight
As she slowly drowns in sorrow’s tune
In the exquisiteness of the birthing light
All I long for is the moon

Penned by PhoenixFire (as Angelisis)
June 15th 2004



Ciao Bella!


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