03.13: 50 Shades of J

I really don’t have a lot of What If’s. I’ve avoided it like the plague since I realized I could spend the rest of my life hiding behind my parents’ death. But answering these questions having been fun. Even I had to admit that 🙂

So here are fifty answers that you might have known, that might surprise you, or – best case scenario – would let you understand me a little better.

*          *           *

1.) If you were granted one wish what would it be?
* That my father could walk me down the aisle.

2.) If you could transport yourself (for one day) to any place in the world at this moment, where would you go?
* Nowhere. I’m perfectly happy where I am right now 🙂 Any guesses to where I am while I’m writing this? :p

3.) If you had to choose one animal to eliminate from the world forever, what would you get rid of?
* Worms. I know it’s totally going to screw up the entire ecosystem, but you did ask, right?

4.) If you could alter one physical characteristic of your partner or close friend, what would you change?
* Nothing. I love my partner and my friends exactly the way they are.

5.) If you could, change one thing about your childhood, what would it be?
* That my parents didn’t pass so early.

6.) If you had the power to change one thing in the world right now, big or small, what would you alter?
* That there would be world peace. Nagpa-practice ako for the Miss Universe pageant. Walang basagan ng trip.

7.) If you could stop aging at any point in your life up-to this moment, how old would you want to remain?
* Haha… Right now. This year. And no, I’m not telling you how old I am.

8.) If you could inherit a comfortable home anywhere in the world that you could use but not sell, where would you want it?
* Ireland. I always wanted to live there.

9.) If you could suddenly possess an extraordinary talent, what would you like it to be?
* The ability to master any skill in 24 hours – I thought the inserting-a-program-in-your-brain in Matrix was awesome… But the inserting part kinda creeped me out.

10.) If you could wake up fluent in any other language, which language would you choose to speak?
* Gaelic. Irish. French. Seriously.

11.) If you could have a starring role in any movie already made, which movie would you choose?
* For some reason, Angelina Jolie‘s Fox from Wanted comes to mind.

12.) If you were able to return to any year in your life for one year, knowing all that you know now and relive that year any way you wish, which year would you go back to?
* 2012. Knowing what I know, I wouldn’t trade 2012 with anything.

13.) If you were to be stranded on a deserted island for the rest of your life and were only allowed one book, which would it be?
* Remembrance, Jude Deveraux. I’m a hopeless romantic till the end,I guess.

14.) If you could have personally witnessed one event in history, which would you want to see?
* The witch burnings in Salem. And with my luck, I would have been burned along with them.

15.) If you opened the front door to find a small red box with your name on it, what would you hope was inside?
* An engagement ring 🙂

16.) If you had to change your first name, other than your current one, what would you choose?
* (Original response edited).  I would giver her my name.  The one I always wanted but never really had.

17.) If you had to lose one of your five senses, which would you give up?
* Sight, cause that’s going anyway.

18.) If you had to choose a color to describe yourself, which would it be?
* Periwinkle. It’s unusual and unnaturally difficult to describe.

19.) If you had to convert to a different religion, which would you choose?
* Bhuddism. Or Hinduism. I always get confused with those two. Basta the one with Vishnu and Krishna. Or Wicca.

20.) If you had to name the most terrifying moment in your life so far, which moment would it be?
* I think every time I try something new, it becomes the most terrifying time in my life. Then I do it and I realize it wasn’t so bad after all.

21.) If you could be guaranteed one thing in life, besides money, what would it be?
* Peace of mind.

22.) If you had to choose a book, already written, to describe your life, which book would you choose?
* Remembrance, Jude Deveraux. Thirteen Reasons Why, Jay Asher.

23.) If you could have one specific power over people, what would it be?
* Mind-control. There is a reason why I love playing The Sims, you know.

24.) If you could become famous for doing something you don’t currently do, what would it be?
* To be known as an awesome artist. The kind that paints. Or a violinist.

25.) If you could have lived during a different time period in the past, which would you want to live through?
* England, in the middle ages… except that the lack of plumbing would bother me to no end.

26.) If you had to describe the saddest thing that has ever happened to you, what would you talk about?
* Losing my son. Enough said.

27.) If you could possess one supernatural ability, what would it be?
* Shape-shifting.

28.) If you had to paint your entire home, inside and out, one color other that white, what color would it be?
* Apple green. Wag makialam.

29.) If you could eliminate one form of prejudice from the world forever, which would you choose to eliminate?
* That some lives are more important than others.

30.) If your home were to be totally destroyed by fire but you could save one material thing, what would it be?
* Assuming that my wallet was already in my back pocket, I would go for my family albums – specifically the one with my parents’ wedding pictures.

31.) If you were able to be known to your friends for one single quality, which would you want it to be?
* My “realness”.

32.) If you could own any company, not for its money but for its product, which would you choose?
* Apple.

33.) If you had to choose your last meal before you died, what would be on the menu?
* Cream of squash soup from Capriciossa, Liver Pate dip and Rigatonni Alla Alfonso from Cibo, and Dark Chocolate Souffle from Le Souffle.

34.) If you could give someone in your life anything in the world as a gift, who would it be and what would you give?
* Him. Children.

35.) If you were able to join any band, current or past, which group would it be and what role would you take?
* The Beatles come into mind, but I am Yoko Ono.

36.) If you were to receive any award possible, which would you want to win?
* A Tony.

37.) If you could decide how to spend your last day of life, without restriction, what would you choose to do, and who would you do it with?
* With Don and Chris. I really don’t care what we end up doing as long as we’re together.

38.) If you were to choose what is to be written on your gravestone, what will it read?

“Here lies (name undisclosed)
… A wife, a mother, a mentor, a friend…
… She was everything…
… She was The One.”

39.) If you had to share the single most valuable lesson you have ever learned, what would it be?
* That you always have a choice.

40.) If you had to choose an actor, alive or past, to play you in a new film, who would you cast for the role and what type of film would it be?
* Angelina Jolie… Romantic-comedy with edge.

41.) If you were given one hour in one store to spend an unlimited amount of money, which store would you choose to spend it in?
* Fully Booked.

42.) If you had to choose the best advertising campaign ever, which would it be?
* If I actually paid attention to ads, I would have an answer to this question. Hehe…

43.) If you were able to donate a million dollars to any charity, which would you give it to?
* A foundation that focuses on finding a cure for cancer.

44.) If you were set to be executed but could decide the method used, which way would you choose to go?
* Gas chamber. That’s the one where you just sleep right?

45.) If you had to choose the title of your autobiography, what would it be called?
* “Of Love and Shadows: The Story of an Earthbound Angel.”

46.) If you could change one thing about your first sexual experience, what would you change?
* (Original response edited) Quoting Gossip Girl… “That’s a secret I’ll never tell. XOXO…”

47.) If you could read the detailed private diary of someone you know personally, who’s diary would you read?
* Her. So I could finally figure out what her deal is.

48.) If you had to change one of your personality traits, which would you choose to change?
* Nothing. Joke. No seriously, my tendency to be depressive.

49.) If you could commit one crime and get away with it, what crime would you commit?
* Assassination or murder.

50.) If you could make sure that your children never have one specific experience you had to endure, what would it be?
* Losing a child.




Ciao Bella!

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