06.13: Of Ivory Petals and White Butterflies

Just because you can draw or paint, it doesn’t make you an artist. It may make you a really good painter or a gifted sketcher, but not an artist.


Artistry goes beyond the technical skill – beyond the ability of being able to do something. Great art is geared towards evoking an emotion from its audience, regardless of the media. I have heard some people sing a song perfectly – every single note sung with such precision – and yet, at the end of it all, I feel nothing. And yet I know of people whose voices are a little raw, with a little edge, and yet their haunting melodies can bring tears to my eyes.

I once told a friend that sometimes artists naturally gravitate towards each other because we see the world in a way that is slightly different. Regardless of whether the gravitating towards each other is true or not, what I will stand by is the latter half of what I said – that we don’t see the world the way most people do. That’s what great art is about, I think… Being able to look at the world and see something different… Being able to see the light in sadness… Being able to see the beauty in despair.

Great art is borne out of great emotion… It’s our anger, our joy, our pain that goes into the painting on the canvas… the melody of the music… the words in woven tales. It’s not a matter to seeing a picture and transferring the its image to a blank poster. Art is not about copying – it’s about creating. Artists, even when singing someone else’s songs or painting someone else’s picture, create. No matter how similar it is to the original in the end, artists are incapable of doing exact replicas. We are perpetually driven to leave a piece of ourselves behind.

“…Great art is about conflict and pain and guilt and longing and love disguised as sex, and sex disguised as love…”
Lester Bangs, Almost Famous

We see more. We hear more. We feel more.

We hate more. We love more.

We are more.

And that’s what makes people call us weird.

But I’m not just weird. I’m not even a limited edition. I’m one of a kind. You’ll never find another like me.



Blessed Be…

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