I am… I am

I came into existence lifetimes in the past… during magickal hours of twilight, when shadows slowly touch hands with the light.

I am the Phoenix.  I am dying yet I am immortal. I am the story-weaver, the dream-believer. I am the jealous lover. I am the heartbroken who hopes.

I am the merciful and kind.  I am the Light-Bringer, the Hope-Bearer.  I am the vengeful and the violent.
Fear Me.

I am an Angel whose wings have been clipped.
I am Eris, the Mistress of Discord.
I am the Goddess Isis.
Worship me.

I am simpler than some people, yet stranger than most… oddly aloof and enigmatically profound…

I am simple.
I am beautiful.

I am the one.


3 responses to “I am… I am

  1. sarah

    This is a beautiful poem. Did u write it?

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