Know Me

25 Completely Random Things

About Me

1. I almost never visit my parents’ graves because whenever I get within 10 feet of where they were laid to rest, I start crying.

2. I am thoroughly convinced that Harry Potter and I are soulmates.

3. I love Harry but I am not in love with him.  I am, however, head over heels for Percy Jackson.

4. I can’t play RPG because I’m panicky and will spend all of my time screaming and cursing and my character will just die.

5. I think Bella Swan is the most irritating protagonist ever written.  While reading the Twilight Saga, I wished for her demise half the time.

6. I cry over almost everything – books, movies, significant human experiences, etc.  Seriously.  I even cried over Aladdin (the Disney version).  And The Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

7. I believe that love and hate are the two faces of the same coin.

8. I love eating chicken, but my love for it is conditional.  When fried, I prefer eating the dark meat.  When it’s roasted, I won’t touch the dark meat.  When it’s Tinola, I won’t touch it.

9. I like coining terms such as “classical violence” (for fights that do not involve guns) and “heart wishes” (for dreams).

10. There are things that I just have to do alone – like running… and commuting to work.

11. I feel a special connection to cats. I believe cats think they are superior to their owners.

12. I do not support the Ms. Universe pageant.

13. I am happiest when it rains.

14. I often feel as though I was born in the wrong century.  Wrong country, too.

15. I was read Greek mythology when my Ninang ran out of fairytales.  I fully intend to turn this into a tradition.

16. I was born in a matriarchal family existing in a patriarchal society.

17. I would rather be a villain than a hero (my favorite X-Men character is Mystique).

18. Kathleen McGowan’s The Expected One changed my soul.

19. Jude Deveraux’s Remembrance changed my heart.

20. Sarah Ban Breathnach’s Something More changed my life.

21. I’m a sucker for teenybopper movies.

22. I think the best kind of people are those who encourage me to be different.

23. I live my life in chapters.  One day it will make for a best-selling book.

24. I believe that Death is only the beginning.

25. I believe that hope will keep me alive.

Ciao Bella!


2 responses to “Know Me

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  2. 3, 6, 8, 12, 13, 22. I agree, because I’m like that too 🙂 Wow, I thought I’m alone! I love rain, but my friends think I’m weird lol.

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