Life Lists

My Bucketlist (as of 02.14.19)

1. Get my post graduate degree in Education

2. Travel to Paris and visit the Louvre

3. Travel to Egypt and visit the pyramids

4. Learn to read Tarot

5. Get published

6. Get my own place (WOOHOO!!! April na!!!)

7. Decorate it (refer to #6; I’m almost there, seriously)

8. Do yoga (When Don agrees to go back to the gym, I promise to start yoga at Gold’s)

9. Be a rock star (does having recordings posted on FB count? LOL)

10. Fit in size 26 jeans

11. Open my own cafe

12. Go back to the gym (I’m willing to trade this for going to dance class)

13. Have my photographs displayed in an art gallery (or on the walls of my very own place)

14. Have a little girl of my own (*ehem, ehem*)

15. Travel to Singapore

16. Travel to Thailand and shop for awesome clothes

17. See the cherry blossoms in Japan

18. Learn kickboxing

19. Learn how to put on make up (like for real)

20. Learn to speak Spanish (so I can converse with the rest of my family. note: Up to lesson #2!)

21. Learn to speak Chinese (module 1 done!)

22. Ride a gondola in Venice

23. Create a scrapbook (I bought a book na on scrapbooking. That’s a start, right?)

24. Have wall-to-wall bookshelves and build my personal library

25. Have red hair

26. Learn to speak French (note: Up to lesson #3!)

27. Work in theatre (or anywhere that lets me sing and dance)

28. Run a distance of 5k (no racing!)

29. Kiss in the rain

30. Dance underneath the stars

31. Fall in LOVE ❤ (okay, everyone… for this one, I need you to cross your fingers and pray!)

32. Make a difference

33. Change the world


… to be continued…


Blessed Be…

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2 responses to “Life Lists

  1. I should make a bucket list on my blog too. I especially love #31. I’ve always wanted to teach and having that kind of influence of others really means a lot. I mean, I’m pretty much over the whole “I want credit for this” phase. Of course, it’s important my work isn’t plagiarized, but influence seems to be a lot more important for me now.

    Now, when it comes to working for theater, I don’t see why not! I really hope you’ll pursue that, even just for one production.

    Oh, and I know someone who reads Tarot! When you buy the cards, it comes with instructions anyway 🙂 I had my friend read me the other day. I have yet to share that with you 😀

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