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10.13: #4 Privet Drive

I remember reading Harry Potter and feeling so bad that he had to go home to his Aunt and Uncle until he reached 17 because it would keep him safe. I, however, felt it was something he had to go through – that it was character-building.

Freakin’ Funny.

Funny how after so many years I find myself in exactly the same predicament.

But it something I have to go through. It’s character-building.

And it sucks. Especially when, every night, you always wish you were somewhere else.



Dark & Twisted…


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06 in ’12: Kindness

It was a brief little note,
Or a word that was prayerfully spoken,
Yet not in vain, for it soothed the pain,
Of a heart that was nearly broken.
– Anon.

I was in my senior year in high school, I think, when I first heard this – “kindness is loving someone more than they deserve.” It was our head teacher who said that, a woman who was married to the man who was the head teacher for so many years in the past. It also happened that he (the husband) was one of the most well-loved professors in the school. She, on the other hand, was a little more serious, a little more reserved, a little bit stricter, and a little less liked.

She taught fourth-year physics, at which I was horrible. Why? I don’t know. It just never clicked for me the way geometry and chemistry did. Needless to say, I was not a fan. But when I heard her say that during one of the last senior assemblies before graduation, I nearly burst our crying.

It’s been 14 years And I’ve never forgotten.

* * *

I would love to be able to say that I religiously read Our Daily Bread, but I can’t. For so many reasons. But I do try to glance at my copy every once in a while and today’s entry spoke to me so much that I just had to share it.

Love Letters

To “walk in love’ means that we continually do the little acts of kindness that can make life bearable and better for another person.

One practical way to express one’s love costs only the price of a postage stamp – plus paper, ink, and a little thought.

All of us have del the nudge to write a letter – an unexpected note that could brighten another person’s day. Perhaps it is a note of appreciation, an expression of concern, or compliment for a task well done. Too often the letter goes unwritten and the impulse in unexpressed. We convince ourselves that we don’t have time, or that our letter won’t matter.

A young minister cherished a note he received rom a busy architect in his congregation. The letter said simply, “Your sermon met me where I was on Sunday – at the crossroads of confusion and hurt. Thanks for preaching it!” Those words met the pastor where he lived – at the intersection of discouragement and pain – and encouraged him to keep on in the ministry. The note took less than 5 minutes to write.

Can you think of someone who needs encouragement, thanks, or a reminder that you are praying for him or her? “Walk in love” to the mailbox today.

– Haddon Robinson

* * *

So if you’re reading these words – regardless if you have my blog bookmarked or you just happened to click on something that led you here, I want to say thank you. And for those who have stood by me through days of depression, weeks of insecurity, months of sorrow, years of doubt, and a lifetime of joy… Thank you for being very, very kind to me.

Ciao Bella!


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That Other World I Live In (92/365)

I spent most of Sunday watching old One Tree Hill episodes.

By “With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept”, my pillow was wet with tears.

Yes, I have issues.  But this is my world.

Live in it if you dare.

Ciao Bella!

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Reality (81/365)

Credendo Vides

This is the world  I choose to live in.

Not everyone is welcome.


Blessed Be…

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Seriously?! Seriously. (78/365)

So you know I’ve been going running, right?  I’m still waiting for it to become a lifestyle – like how it’s become for Brian – in the hopes that would make it easier for me to do it on a regular basis (and without much prodding).  I never really thought I would have it in me to be the running type (just like more than a year and a half ago I never really thought of myself as the gym-going type… It’s almost funny how frequently wrong about things like these) and the first time I reached my first 3 kilometers, I wanted to faint.  These days, I run an average of 4 kilometers – almost 5 on a good day.  Hopefully, it doesn’t stop.  This is the cheapest form of exercise I can manage – and with the budget I work with, I need all the help I can get.

One thing I did realize is that running, for me, is a solitary activity.  It’s one of those very few things that benefit me most when done alone.  It really does clear my head – much like yoga (speaking of which, I really do miss doing yoga).  I’ve even figured out which songs light a fire beneath my feet:

  • You Can’t Stop the Beat, Hairspray
  • Valerie, Glee
  • Born this Way, Glee


I got around to finally downloading a good copy of Mamma Mia! and I’ve been watching it since I came back.  I’ve always loved this movie – I watched it twice or thrice in the theatre, I think.  It’s such a “girl friends” movie – comparative to how Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was such as “sisters” movie.  Mamma Mia, however, does call to mind a couple of statements to mind whenever I watch it

  • “Like mother like daughter”
  • “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” (and yes, when this popped in my head, I was thinking of the crazy gene)

Then there’s that awesome segment when Dancing Queen was performed and I couldn’t help thinking that I could totally see myself in that same number, dancing to the same song… and so many of the other performers would be gay.  Gay friends and the best kind.  Ever.

So there.

Blessed Be…

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