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Of Hope and Sadness

As the sun broke against the slumbering sky
Today... today you used my name
Despite confessions of love in days gone past
Today's profession was not the same
Amidst the hustle, the bustle, the stop and the go
There are seconds of silence that become a song
And beats so steady, a rhythm of drums
Of wishes and prayers for the one I long
On the day when my heart is tired
The words rouse my soul from death so dark
And thoughts of touches, of gazes, of whispers and sighs
Today... today would leave a mark

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Protected: Ikaw Ang Panalangin Ko

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Forever, they say, is giving someone infinite chances to love you right.

Across the room where gazes meet

With silent longing of hearts that beat

With secret smiles as each walk past

And hidden dreams of love that lasts


In midnight dreams and pillow thoughts

Within melodies where hope was sought

With fervent wishes made so much

For those days when hands would touch


When desire and fear entwine and tread

Born from promises that once were said

When in embraces peace is found

Then heartbeats are the only sound


Though borrowed time does this love live

In stolen days and the hours we give

Always honest. Always true

Always, Love. Always you.

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17.13: This One’s for You

A Life Story.

My Life in Verse

To the one who said she would always defend…
To the one who said we’d always be friends…
To the one who I will always regret…
To the one who will never, ever forget…

To the one who still cannot forgive…
To the one who said she would never leave…
To the one who broke my mending heart…
To the ones who took and would then depart…

To the one who was able to begin anew…
To the one who remains a friend so true…
To the one who finally came back home…
To the one who always called me his own…

To the one who taught me how to fall…
To the one who taught me to stand so tall…
To the one who taught me how to see…
To the one who said they should love me for me…

To the ones who hurt, who burned, and lied…
To the ones who thought I would be silent and cry…
To the ones who are only brave when amidst a throng…
To the ones I proved to have been wrong…

To the one who hurt me without meaning to…
To the one who spoke without being spoken to…
To the one who filled my heart with bliss…
To the one who will be my one last kiss…

To the only one I would have said,
“With this ring, I thee wed”…
To the one who loved me at first sight…
To the one I will love until last light…

To the one I come home to in the dark of night…
To the one I wake up to in the morning light…
To the one whose life mine is entwined to…
To the one I love… This one’s for you.



Blessed Be…

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69 in ’12: Being Broken

I was going through my days as Angelisis and found this.

*          *          *

A silhouette bathed in silver light
soft scratches of parchment and quill
whispers mingle with the tears of night
she knew in her heart she loved you still

In numbered nights and dying days
of soft, slow touches and the perfect kiss
in fear of time of parting ways
past-lived thoughts of consuming bliss

A flame that flickers in shadowed silence
A soul lives for a heart that is damned
When words fail and that’s left is blindness
She reaches out and holds your hand

Melancholy is a comforting friend
In picturesque moments of ebony-blue
The prelude to happiness that knows no end
With faith in her soul, she hoped for you

The soul struggles to keep in flight
As she slowly drowns in sorrow’s tune
In the exquisiteness of the birthing light
All I long for is the moon

Penned by PhoenixFire (as Angelisis)
June 15th 2004



Ciao Bella!

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63 in ’12: And Hope… Hope Will Keep Me Alive

“… Sometimes you reach what’s real by making believe…”
– Ever Ever After, Carrie Underwood

I am ready. You will come.

In love with the night
In love with the rain
In love with the bliss
In love with the pain

In love with the hope
Of days yet to pass
In love with the dream
Of a love that will last

In love with the mist
Of a cold afternoon
In love with the wish
Of finding him soon

In love with shadows
That gently paints the walls
In love with longing
For that one final fall

In love with the silence
Of a beautiful soundless tune
In love with the promise
Of a lover’s moon

by PhoenixFire
September 1, 2012



Ciao Bella!

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22 in ’12: Almost

Not someday or soon
Frozen in time with the light of the moon

Not now or no
Just moments of bliss and seconds of sorrow

Not heaven or hell
With bonds to break and lies to tell

Not nothing or all
No path to take but where you won’t fall

Not truth or lie
No tales to tell but ones of goodbye

Not love or hate
No hand to hold in this limboed state

Not day or night
Just wisps of smoke that fade in flight

“Shades of Gray”

Audioslave To: Give Me Love, Ed Sheeran (on repeat)

Blessed Be…

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