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On Christmas Day (95/365)

LOVE: The Lovers
MOOD: The Pope
CAREER: The World

You are loved, dear Phoenixfire – very much! Maybe you don’t realize it, as the destabilizing influence of the Lovers tends to cast a shadow of doubt on everything, but you should know that you have a very solid support system. The Pope represents that special friend, relative or significant other who will gladly listen when you feel the need to open up and pour out your feelings… Remember that you are not alone, and discard those uncertainties!

As far as your work is concerned, the symbol of the World puts a spotlight on affairs outside your immediate sphere, while the Pope guarantees the success of your endeavors, however ambitious. Don’t be afraid to think big. Broaden your horizons, set the bar high, demand a share of the profits. Today’s cards symbolize results and success, so stride forward with confidence.


I can hear Brian talking to Siri in the living room. He’s finally gotten his iPhone 4S – no complaints here, seeing how his iPhone 4 went to me.

Anyway, one thing I really did missed was the fabulous apps of Apple – now I have it again and found this really cool application that gives you daily horoscope and tarot card readings. I’ve found myself returning to the Mystical these past few days – and I guess I would have found my way back eventually. D’s messages from The Universe started it, I think. Now that I’m getting my own, it only seemed right to follow the path that feels… right.

2012’s not that far off. Yesterday, I even made my first resolution: (for those who don’t follow my twitter account) I will be a more faithful artist next year.

I made that promise to myself and to the Universe, I think. And I have every intention of keeping it.

Ciao Bella!


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Catching Up (40/365)

It’s my first 4-day weekend and I’ve been lounging for most part of it.  I’ve been catching up on the whole writing thing (which would explain the sudden burst of blog entries lately), downloaded a bunch of shows that I’ve managed to ignore for the last couple of weeks, obtain copies of films that I’ve always wanted to watch, read and reread my electronically available books and add some more to my expanding collection… I’ve even put in some work (this is, again, paranoia).

Maundy Thursday, I suddenly realized I missed the 7th Heaven marathons networks used to air during Holy Week.  It was only very recently when I discovered that the series ran up until the mid-2000s.  I always thought it ended before I went to collage.  I guess I stopped watching around that time.  Apparently, the Camden kids grew up and had lives of their own and I missed all of that.  I’ve decided to download all 11 seasons – one by one, of course.  Before that, though, I got copies of several films – P.S. I Love You (care of Mrs. Berenguer), The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants I & II (care of the internet)… that gave me the bright idea to download all the other films that I’ve been wanting to watch.  As of right now, I have the following in queue:

  1. Woman on Top – Penelope Cruz; 100% feel-good girl movie
  2. Drive Me Crazy – Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier before Entourage; saw this on HBO and thought it was a cute movie in a teenybopper kind of way
  3. French Kiss – The Meg Ryan movie that I have still been unable to watch
  4. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days – Kate Hudson and Matthew McConnaughey; LOVED this film.  Cried buckets and buckets while “Feels Like Home” played.
  5. If Only – Jennifer Love Hewitt; This movie will make me as depressed as anything, but it’s still better than Pursuit of Happyness.
  6. John Tucker Must Die – Another teenybopper film that I enjoyed.  The names of the actors escape me at the moment, but I remember it being a happy accident.
  7. Laws of Attraction – Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore.  Two lawyers.  Impromptu wedding in Ireland.  How could it ever get better than that?
  8. Music From Another Room – The Jude Law movie that didn’t make it to the big screen.  I loved this movie.  LOVED IT.
  9. Pretty in Pink – I was waaaaay to young when this first came out.  Now I’m finally going to get to see it.
  10. Step Up 3 – Brian tried downloading this twice in the past and the copies have always been a bust.  Maybe I’ll get lucky this time.
  11. The Perfect Man – Heather Locklear, Chris Noth and Hilary Duff.  Another feel good movie.
  12. Y Tu Mama Tambien – The first non-english film I ever tried watching.  Back then, I tried watching it because I was trying to impress my then-boyfriend.  Now I’m going to watch it for me 🙂

You should all keep in mind that these are still on the list of movies I intend to download.  After I got the Sisterhood movies, I was able to download She’s All That and Mean Girls… Then I got distracted by all the TV series episodes that are already available.  You should also remember that I’m the girl who got Abbie’s copy of Armageddon and finally found the time to watch it four months after.

Asides from the shows, I’ve managed to get copies of some books, too (which reminds me, I really have to write up that entry about the Sisterhood books.  I have, apparently, been very into them lately).  I now have copies of P.S. I Love You, The Bartimaeus Trilogy (The Amulet of Samarkand, The Golem’s Eye, and Ptolemy’s Gate) by Jonathan Stroud and Christopher Pike’s Sati.  One day, I will find the time to read all of these books.

Speaking of which, I happened upon a blog called Stiletto Storyline and got this marvelous idea.  It’s been a long time since I added a page (one of my pages recently got updated, by the way) and it’s probably high time I put in another.  And what would be more appropriate than a list of books that I’ve managed to devour since the year started?

So here’s to me, the Story-Weaver, devourer of tales… and my new endeavor of putting into words those that I’ve read.

Blessed Be… 

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On Making It Happen & Other Things (14/365)

One of the things I things I put on my Life List (also known as Things I Plan to Do Before I Die) was to learn how to speak French.  Funny, I never had the urge to learn until two weeks ago.  In college, despite having the opportunity to learn a foreign language, I refused to study French because it was too hard (and I was too lazy).  What I really wanted to take up Italian, but the classes were only available once a week – Thursdays from 7:30 am to 9:30 am – and I wasn’t exactly dying to go to school that early, so I copped out and ended up taking Spanish I instead.  This would have been a walk in the park because my ENTIRE family speaks Spanish.  Unfortunately, I think I didn’t really want to learn the language because even then I knew that I didn’t put so much effort into it.

These days, however, I am pretty serious about wanting to learn French.  And maybe one of the triggers for this particular want was getting to go to Alliance and seeing all these possibilities.  Truth be told, I am more than serious about enrolling in a 24-hour course for Adult French.  It runs for 8 Sundays, 3 hours each week.  The entire package costs Php3,900.00, I think, which isn’t so bad as long as I actually keep attending class.

Anyway, in line to committing myself to trying to expand my cultural views, I’ve downloaded “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Learning French on Your Own”.  Presently, I’m reading the introduction 🙂  I’m reading it rather slowly because I want to savor the book.  What I plan to do, in order to make sure things stick in my head is to blog stuff that I learn about.  I’m now up to Part I: The Very Basics.  So more on that as we go along.


Brian and I decided to have dinner at Ayala Triangle yesterday.  We’ve heard so many good things about it and, since it’s just a 1o or 15-minute walk from my office, we decided to check it out.  We ended up having dinner in this cute Singaporean restaurant whose name I cannot remember at the moment.  It’s the same one where Ate Ria usually buys that awesome chicken dish she brings home.  Here’s what we ate:

Singaporean Stall Food
Roasted Chicken
Roasted Pork Rice Topping

We were originally deciding between 2 places – the Singaporean place and Banapple (about which we’ve heard amazing reviews) – and because we opted to have dinner at one place, we opted to have dessert at the other.  So off we went to Banapple to get sweets.  Brian got their bestseller for the month Berry Starry Cheesecake or something like that and I got Apple Caramel Crumble something or other.  The desserts fell short of our expectations.  What did catch our attention was how big the servings for the main dishes were and how good it looked.  All in all, dining in The Ayala Triangle was a very, very good experience.

Of course, that would not have been complete if there were no photos taken.  Here are some modified shots from this night:

City Lights
Ang Hiwaga ng Balete
Triangular Black
Night Life

To top everything off, Brian and I went jogging after arriving at the compound.  I covered 3 kilometers in 35 minutes.  Who would have thought? 🙂

Blessed Be…

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All the Blessings that Be… (001/365)

The Boyfriend’s brother-in-law started blogging everyday – one of those posts that count how many you’ve done in 365 days – and it made me wonder if there was something on WordPress that came out resulting to this.  Apparently, there was.  Everyone, let me introduce you to DailyPosts.  I found it on my What’s Hot on my dashboard (obviously, I have never bothered to read these before)... and I’ve decided that I’m going to try it too.

Honestly, I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep it up.  There was a time when I used to post on a daily basis, but then work would pile up and between spending time writing and resting, I had always chosen to rest.  But if there’s one thing that became very, very clear in 2010, it was that I am a product of the choices I’ve made (this is very Albus Dumbledore) and I made the conscious decision to grow up.  So, back to the daily posts thing – it’s worth a try, right?  At the very least, I get to say that I am living my Creative Dream.


Totally Awesome Things I’ve Been Doing:

Bought my N8 – Yes, it was high time I changed my phone (not that I haven’t tried – my E72 got stolen a week before I started working) and since 2010 was, well, all that it was, I figured it was time to give myself something nice.  It really was an iPhone 4 I wanted, but the N8 came with a 12-mp camera and it was way cheaper.

Bought Paddy – The Boyfriend refuses to call our iPad by its christened name =p  I got my hands on an iPad and realized it would be the perfect companion to the third thing on this list.

Downloading Free E-books – Although all bookstores call out to me when I pass by, I find myself in that stage in my career wherein I am constantly saving up, so the books are currently being listed as a non-priority (this is in comparison to new corporate clothes and make up).  I did make up for the lack of book-love, however, when I discovered the joy of downloading dozens and dozens of books online.  For those interested, my most frequent haunt is 4shared – try it and let me know how it works out.  Or, if you’re looking for something in particular, let me know the title or the author and I’ll help you out the best I can.  In line with this, I’ve even come up with a “library”, detailing how many books I’ve had, if these come from a series, and if I’ve read it or not.

Maintaining a Financial File – Upon joining Guthrie, I decided I would keep a closer eye on my finances.  I created a template that allows me to to keep tabs on how much I get every cut off, what my foreseen expenses are, whether it’s been paid or not, and my running balances on all existing bank accounts.  With the exception of the recent holidays, this file has kept my pocket out of financial pain.

Totally Awesome Things I Plan to Do:

This is my way of putting my resolutions on paper.  To date, however, I really only have 2.  I have a feeling it’ll grow as the days go by.

Travel – This year, I promised myself I would save up and make time to travel outside of the RP.  Fate helped me a little – I’m leaving for Hong Kong at the end of February.  This is something the company’s sponsoring, though.  I’d want to be able to visit Singapore by the 2nd half of 2011 with The Boyfriend =p

Write – I want to live my Creative Dream.  In joining Guthrie, I rediscovered my love for story-weaving.  Admittedly, it was caused by something my then-Boss required of me (I had to keep a journal for my first two and a half months) but that worked out really well.  In fact, one of the little projects I had in mind was to transfer some of my entries here.

So that’s that for today.  And I guess that makes it 001/365.  I can’t believe I just did that.

Blessed Be...

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