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13 in ’12: Time

There’s this line that I read a couple of years ago that made such an impact that I still remember it now: “Time heals all wounds. Give time, time.”

Time. Such a lofty concept. The one thing we never have enough of.

And yet you would be surprised to know how it is too often set aside as if its passing has no bearing on how things play out.

I’m a bitch. I know that. I admit it. I’m not super proud of it and, most of the time, I am able to keep my horns from protruding. It takes a certain kind of event to trigger its reappearance.

Just yesterday, I was telling my class that one of the best ways to manage your boss is to know what their pet peeve was and learn how to go around it. I told them my pet peeve was “the pa-victim effect”. I HATE that.

Today, I discovered pet peeve number two: IRRESPONSIBILITY.

Call it what you want – accountability, ownership, doing what you’re supposed to do, not being a “patay bulate”, not waiting for the apple to fall into your mouth… You do know that I can go on and on and on, right?

Needless to say, I am very, very pissed right now. I’ve pretty much worked in service-oriented organizations my entire career and one thing that I really learned is that our business is not really our products, but the people who use it. Our clients are our lifeblood. So when someone calls and it needs to be referred to a different person, we better make sure that we get it to that person at the soonest time possible. And in the advent of all the high-tech gadgets available to us these days, short of being locked up without your cellphone or finding yourself in mortal peril from 11:00 am to 7:30 am the following day, there is virtually no excuse.

Maybe E was right. Maybe you don’t belong here.


Ciao Bella!


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The Art of The Subtle Reprimand (66/365)

In training, we are never encouraged to call out a participant who is misbehaving or not paying attention or causing a disruption. We are instead encouraged to catch his attention in some other way – some trainers opt to move around the room, moving the class’s attention away; others choose to throw out a question and call the participant in question; others still (and this is my personal favorite) strategically change position so that they are close enough to tap the person’s chair or do a pulse check (“Are there any questions?” while pointedly staring at the culprit). Some trainers purposely draws the attention of the class to that special participant in an attempt to trigger that sense of social decency. If all else fails, conversations happen after training hours.

In leadership, we never discouraged from reprimanding or giving negative feedback. We are, however, encouraged to balance it out by giving positive feedback as well. Most importantly, when a reprimand or negative feedback is given, it is a mortal sin to do so in the midst of other people.

As it is always said, “Praise in public; Repriman in private.”

We all know this. And yet we keep doing the exact opposite anyway.  It’s almost as if we never learn.

One day, though, we’re gonna have to.

Blessed Be…

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Because It Starts with the Self (60/365)

This is not going to be one of those long entries I have a habit of writing.  It’s almost 7:00 am and I’m squeezing this in before I start preparing for my 10:00 am presentation (yes, in about an hour, I will start feeling like I want to throw up).

I’ve had several runs of AdSup recently, so when I came upon this post from the The Positivity Blog, it was very reminiscent of what I discuss.  One thing we always say is that self-esteem always starts with the self.


You are swimming in a sea of negativity.

If you are trying to change your attitude then it’s not very helpful to live in a world where forces try to drag you back to your old mindset each day. It makes it very hard to change.

What you allow into your mind will have a big effect on you. So be selective. If you’re hanging out with negative people all the time then that can really drag you down. It’s not easy to stay optimistic when pessimism is the default mode in your world.

Another part of this is getting hooked on the news and prophecies of the sky falling. The sky is probably not falling.

Consider spending less time with negative voices. Cut back on – or cut out – seeing negative people. Cut back on watching the news or even more spectacularly negative TV-shows. But don’t forget to replace that old stuff you cut out with something more positive instead. If you have a vacuum in your life then you are more likely to revert back to your old habits.

You can for instance replace reading the newspaper in the morning with listening to personal development CDs, watching something fun or just having a good conversation with someone that positive, funny or enthusiastic.

(read more…)


Sometimes I don’t understand why we keep surrounding ourselves with people who just make us miserable.  This ultimately goes back to choice, in my opinion.  Who decides to hang out with these people?  We do.  Who decides to keep hanging out with these people even if they make us feel like shit?  We do.

With all the complexities of life, I’ve found that sometimes it’s all very simple.  If you feel like you’re the victim, do something about it.  If you don’t want to do something about it, then stop whining.

You can’t always blame circumstance for your suffering.  Sometimes, it’s not even other people who make you miserable – not all people are out to get you and not all people are competing with you.

Sometimes, it’s just YOU.

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Blessed Be…

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21 Days (51/365)

If there was one word that would most accurately describe the last three weeks of my life, I would choose WHIRLWIND.

6 sessions, 2 public seminars, 3 clients and 89 hours later… I finally get to stay home on a weekend, not thinking of what kind of miracle I’ll have to pull off next week.  I am officially tired.  Tired, but oddly satisfied.  Tired, but secretly proud.  Tired, but fulfilled.  I once said that training is a calling.  This month, I proved myself right.

I’d like to take this moment and give a shout out to Mr. Marvin Garbin – officemate, consultant and friend extraordinaire.  He was with me in the last session and, if I may say, one of the most difficult (due to several factors).  That particular run wasn’t perfect, but hats off to you.  You have made me very, very proud.

Other things worth mentioning:

  • My most recent class in People Handling now has a facebook group for alumni.  I am very flattered to have been quoted =p  It is remarkably touching to know that you have made a difference.
  • My most recent class in Advance Supervision earned me my first 4.9++ grade.  Despite not having gotten the Highest Rater award for the week, I wouldn’t have traded my class for anything.
  • 2 out of town trips to Antipolo made me appreciate Jenn, Arthur and Marvin even more.  I have always said that having friends in the work place is never a requirement, but I have always been blessed as I keep finding true mates in every organization I have worked with.  Two weekends away from home also made me miss and appreciate my home life with Brian even more.  Our life may not be perfect, but it is the only life I would ever want to live.
  • The OD-fied version of Advance Supervision is my major breakthrough.  It gave me sleepless nights and stress migraines, but I am damned proud of what I was able to accomplish.
  • Last but not least is my recent overnight stay in Subic.  Once again, I would like to thank that particular client for deciding to partner with us – without them, it would probably be a long, long time before I stepped foot on Camayan Beach Resort.  The set up was less than ideal, but I honestly believe that Marvin and I did the best we could under the circumstances.  There are a lot of things that we could improve, that’s a fact.  More importantly, however, Marvin and I were a TEAM (not just a group of people posing as a team).  He pulled his weight, I pulled mine; we made changes to the program we both agreed was best for the run; we debriefed, admitted our shortcomings and helped each other move on.  I couldn’t have asked for a better partner.

Next week, I begin my journey towards Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, plus a chance to see Louie and Bing in action during the launch of Managing Change and Transition.  For now, I am lounging very comfortably in bed, fully intending to spend the weekend with Brian (real person), Neal Caffrey (White Collar) and Jay Wilcox (Covert Affairs).  I can’t think of a better way to transition to a not-so-hectic schedule.

I have a lot of things to be thankful for.  I know that.  Sometimes it makes me wonder why I’m such a bitch.  Then again, I wouldn’t want to be any other way.

Blessed Be…

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Into the Golden Halls of Asgard (40/365)

Two weeks.  It’s been two weeks since I last wrote… I’ve been mostly preoccupied by classes.  The revised program on advance supervision was finally relaunched on the last week of April.  I am extremely proud of it – prouder still, because the relaunch was a success.  Earlier this week, I was based at the Edsa Shangri-la to run our program for basic supervision.  I loved my class – we laughed together, cried together… most importantly, we learned together 🙂  It has been a tiring two weeks.  Most nights, I would fall asleep the minute my head touches my pillow.  But I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.

The weekend is really for a well-deserved rest.  Brian and I have barely spent time together, given our schedules – I have work and he has the basketball league committee – so we made it a point to go out on a date.  And, with that, I am very, very happy to say that, after a week of hearing about how good it was from people, I finally got to watch Thor.  Yay me!

A few things…

  • I actually really liked the movie.  More than just the elaborate cinematography, I think the back story was interesting.  In the end, though, it was the characters that held the film to a more than an average superhero movie.
    • Thor‘s character was well written and excellently played by Chris Hemsworth.  Thor, Son of Odin, showed a lot of growth throughout the film – from being a boy who was eager to be king, to a man who showed wisdom by acknowledging his need to further learn the role of leadership.
    • Natalie Portman’s portrayal of Jane Foster, Thor’s love interest, was a nice break from the drama that was Thor’s journey to self-enlightenment.  Although her character bore no intellectual or emotional significance for me, she was the right balance of comedy and romance to Thor’s broody and mysterious.
    • I was pleasantly surprised I was able to pick up on the fact that it was Anthony Hopkins playing Odin – I’m horrible at figuring out where I had previously seen actors in different roles.  It was his voice that triggered my memory.  He sounded the way he did in Meet Joe Black.  Hopkin’s Odin was believable and emotionally compelling.  He was both strong and soft, furious and heartbroken – you’d take one look at him and immediately understand why he was the All-Father.
    • It was Loki that was most interesting to me – whether it was because of my natural predisposition to prefer villains or the way he was portrayed (walking around in a cloud of enigma, bitter and broken because of a past he learned of too late).  I wish his story was better told… The constant comparison to Thor was nowhere to be seen and for it to be such a big motive for his actions was something that I had to come up with in my head.  Given that the character of Odin was written to be such a fair and wise protagonist, it was hard to tie that to Loki’s eventual interpretation of his role in the court of Odin.
  • Loki’s true ancestors were the Frost Giants, not the Snow People, as Chris had named them.I tried reading up on Norse mythology – a rather enjoyable after-effect of the film – and found that much to be accurate.  In the film, their race looked remarkably like the trolls in The Lord of the Rings – though not as slobbery – together with some general features of one of those gargoyles on top of the Notre Dame.  During the moments Loki has the Frost Giants’ power source in his hands and showed his “true” self, I found myself marveling at how much he looked like Nightcrawler.
  • I never really imagined Asgard to be so… shiny.  Its national color must have been gold because that was the most predominant color in the whole realm.  The way the film painted Asgard was very different from how I did when I read Edith Hamilton’s Mythology, but the world they created was very believable and interesting.  I liked what they said about magic and science – that magic is just science we don’t understand yet.  I agree with that completely.  It also amused me to no end that the gatekeeper looked exactly like how Taurus would (yes, the zodiac sign) had he come alive and become a person.
  • Thor looks like a younger, buffer version of McSteamy, don’t you think?  The accent is to die for, though.
  • The film made me particularly curious about Lady Sif, about whom I knew nothing about.  The film, as a whole, made me want to learn more about Norse Mythology.  I’ve always been into the Greed Gods and Goddesses.  Then my fascination with Isis led me to read up on Egyptian deities.  I guess it’s time I familiarize myself with a different set of supernatural beings 🙂

The previews were great – I got an idea of films I’ll be lining up to see in the theatres:

  • Fast Five – already showing, already watched by Brian.  Hopefully, it’ll still be showing next week so I could watch.
  • Green Lantern
  • Captain America: The First Avenger
  • X-Men First Class
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2 – like I would forget this.

So here’s to hoping I actually get to watch these.

Blessed Be…

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Of Sessions, Slippers and Replays of Idol (32/365)

Today was a good way to end the week =p  I spent the day in session in RCBC – I’ve gotten over last week, I think.  Or at least that’s what I’d like to believe.  Anyhow, as I told my class, I only really wanted two things – for them to learn, and for us to have fun.  I’d like to think that both happened 🙂  Was it a perfect grade?  Of course not.  Do I feel bad about it?  No, I don’t 🙂  I had fun today.  I had a good group and it was a great day.  The biggest challenge for me was running a 3-day session in 8 hours.  And to think, prior to this, I thought running PHS for two days was already cutting it close.  But, in the end, it was possible.  Hard, but possible.  I was exhausted at the end of the day, but I don’t think I would have exchanged it for anything else.

Today was a good day, from beginning to end – and, if you really think about it, it isn’t over yet (Chris is here and we’re watching Tangled).  I started out with 6 songs in the shower, as usual.  Here’s my list for today:

  1. Pass You By, Boyz II Men – It was really the video, not the song, that first caught my attention.  I am, however a real fan of Boyz II Men.  They have this one song entitled “Fallin'” that somehow has still manage to elude me (and it’s been nearly ten years that I’ve been looking for a copy).  Maybe this year I’ll get lucky 😉
  2. I Need You Here, Color It Red – “You gave me hope and gave me tears though I could never blame you/I’m calling out but no one hears/I wish it could be true that you would stay/Oh a love like yours would come my way…” I FINALLY got a copy of this (thanks, Iggs, for thinking of searching for it in YouTube).  I was in high school when I first heard it – can you imagine how long ago that feels?  And I never thought of asking my cousin for a copy.  To think he used to play bass for Color It Red.
  3. Knocks Me Off My Feet, Stevie Wonder – Corny as it seems, but it’s the chorus that’s stuck in my head.  “…Oh I don’t want to bore you with it/Oh but I love you/I love you/I love you…” This is such a classic love song.  The funny thing is, I almost never hear it sung whenever I go out with my friends for a night of singing.  Sometimes it makes me wonder why.  It probably has something to do with the fact that I don’t really have a lot of male friends… and most of my male friends are only biologically male and, deep in their hearts, would really rather be girls =p  But to hear this song sung to you… That must be such a treat.
  4. Just My Imagination, Babyface and Gwyneth Paltrow – Such an easy song to listen to.  Every time I hear it, I start swaying to the rhythm and, before I know it, I’m singing along.  Although it’s really about a love story that’s only a reality in someone’s head, it doesn’t really leave you feeling sad and depressed.
  5. Just the Way You Are, Bruno Mars – Bruno Mars has become a phenomenon this year.  I heard somewhere that the songs he writes are songs he would want to sing to a girl.  If I were that girl, I’d never leave him.  Have you heard his songs?  Have you really listened to the words?  It’s to die for! “…And when she smiles/The whole world stops and stares for a while…” Who wouldn’t want words like that written about them?
  6. Earth Stood Still, Lee DeWyze – Lee DeWyze, my favorite American Idol winner so far.  I’ve posted the lyrics to this song in a previous post if I’m not mistaken.  His new songs are so pretty – I’ve heard Earth Stood Still and Beautiful Like You.  They’re such sweet, feel-good songs that makes you want to fall in love all over again.

I am amused in the fact that all six of my Shower Songs seem to have a common thread (side note: Who is this guy singing in tonight’s elimination episode of American Idol?  I think he used to be contestant because Ryan Seacrest keeps saying he “came home to Idol”.  Talk about sexy.) – previous lists seem to have at least one  song that stick out like a sore thumb.  I’m amused to see that today’s list didn’t have any.  It’s all in theme this morning.

So I went off to session, spent 8 hours enjoying there and realized, by the end of the day, that I had lost all feeling in my toes.  Unfortunately, I had left my slippers in the office, thinking I was going to end at 5 pm and would have time to go back to the office, drop off my things and change my footwear.  Unfortunately, at nearly 6 pm, I was just about to leave RCBC and I really couldn’t face the thought of having to get out of the car, go inside the building, ride the lift to the 4th floor and exchange my shoes for slippers.  So, for the second time in this entry, thank you, Iggs, for waiting for me and bringing my slippers down, saving me from any further pain.  I owe you so much for today =p

Thanks to that, I didn’t have to walk to Solaris on my own (because we all know what happened the last time I tried doing that) and was able to get a ride right away.

I’m ending the day with watching a couple of American Idol replays (Top 9 Performances from yesterday were awesome, but I still think Casey Abram’s rendition of Your Song last week was the best.  Needless to say, I cried while watching.).  I still don’t know who got eliminated because I feel asleep while watching the elimination episode.  Chris and I finished watching Tangled – a film that i LOVED, by the way.  It’s theme song, I See the Light, is a previous post.  A couple of contestants are beginning to annoy me (Jason Lusk and the Stefano guy) and I wish they would just get eliminated already.  I am, on the other hand, beginning to get attached to Casey Abrams and Paul What’s-His-Name (Casey because he’s such an artist and Paul because he’s such a performer).  So all of that, plus eating comfort food (pizza and hot wings from Yellow Cab) with Brian and Chris, makes for a really, really good night.

Oh, and Fujitsu closed.  So today was a good day.  This week is a good week.

So let’s hope for another one like it next week =p

Blessed Be…

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