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Now I Know How To Spell Mr. Snuffleupagus (30/365)

***originally written on 04.05.11***

Thank you, Truthseeker, for very nicely providing the correct spelling of Big Bird’s imaginary friend’s name.  I hope I get to meet up with you for coffee or whatever it is that we order in Starbucks one of these days.

So… Today’s list of shower songs…

  1. Your Song, Ewan McGregor’s version from Moulin Rouge (and yes, I cry buckets over this movie, regardless of how many times I’ve seen it in the past.  I looooove Moulin Rouge – probably of how much it advocates for a life full of art and love.  I don’t, however, like “Come What May”.  I find it too sappy.)
  2. Finally Found Someone, Barbara Streisand and Bryan Adams – soundtrack from The Mirror Has Two Faces.  I am in the process of looking for a copy to download and, unfortunately, I have not been able to find one as of yet.  Two things about this movie: one, of course, is the song.  Who wouldn’t fall in love with the words to that song?  Second, the concept of “The Perfect Bite”.  That stuck to me and I keep finding that I do it – attempting to create the perfect bite – whenever I eat out.  That, in turn, causes me to eat slowly which annoy people to no end.
  3. In Demand, Texas – one of her lesser known songs.  I found this back in the early 2000s, I think.  I was in college then or just about to finish or just finished or something like that.  So it’s this song about a girl singing to the guy who let her go, telling him that she was “The One” and he should have known better than to have let her go.  Plus the video features Alan Rickman (more recently known as the Late Great Severus Snape).
  4. Last Chance, Allure – I cried buckets over this because of its video.  It’s such a sad, sad, sad, sad song.  The video revolves around this guy and this girl who have obviously known each other for a while and are really good friends.  And then the scenes progress to show the girl preparing for her wedding.  The couple then dances alone in a room to the tune of this song… And it’s super obvious that they’re so in love with each other.  For those who don’t have such a wild imagination or who aren’t jaded enough to think of possible reasons why that moment was not perfect, it would seem that this particular scene was soooo sad but slightly out of place.  Towards the end of the song, we’re brought to the wedding itself.  The camera focuses on the girl walking down the aisle.  Then the man she was dancing with, waiting near the altar.  Then the camera pans out and we see the man she shares that lovely dance with is not the groom, but the best man.  Who, in their right minds, will not cry with that?!?!?!
  5. You’re Still the One, Lee DeWyze – I wasn’t crazy about the Shania Twain version but I did really like Lee DeWyze’s version.  Or I could just be really biased.
  6. My Favorite Mistake, Sheryll Crow – I love Sheryll Crow. LOVE.  Ever since I heard her version of “The First Cut is the Deepest” in 2004 (wherein the song was very apt, in case you were wondering), I decided to make her one of the more influential artists in my life.  She has yet to disappoint.  Oh, and this is the song I first learned to play on the bass.
  7. Hallelujah, Kate Voegele – I have three versions of this song I think – the original by Jeff Buckley, the one sang by Lee DeWyze and this one, which I heard from One Tree Hill.  I love Kate Voegele.  She’s part of my Angry-Girl-Music playlist.  Hallelujah, however, I first heard from Shrek =p  And it was one of the songs I wanted for my wedding… Until I finally learned the words and realized it wasn’t such a great idea.  I’d still want to hear it when I get married… probably as an instrumental.  Hallelujah, to a certain extent, is a jaded song (“…Love is not a victory march.  It’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelelujah…”) and yet every time I listen to it, it moves my heart, more often than not, to tears.

So that’s my list for today.  More to come tomorrow.  I hope.

Blessed Be…


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It’s Like I have Turret’s

The Bottom Line

Ignore the external world today; reach inward to get all the strength you need.

In Detail

Things that appeal to your intellect will be drawing you in today. You’ll find that the most challenging concepts will suddenly make a lot of common sense, and your brain will get a new sense of its capabilities. This means it’s the perfect day to readdress a project or book that has been a struggle to deal with. Complicated ideas aren’t so complicated right now — in fact, they’re pretty fun to wade through! If you’re being tested or challenged in any way today, expect things to go well.

Strangely enough, I dreamt of Rachelle again the other day.  Because I was too lazy to write anything down, I don’t have a clear idea of everything that happened anymore.  What I do remember was that I threw a drink at her and held her down in a pool with the help of my many, many arms (for some reason, I had somehow embodied Vishnu at that point).  Angst much?

Big Haha.

Since Reneeca is now a friend in Facebook, I get to see whenever she gets tagged in someone else’s album.  The other thing about this online account is that if the person who tags your friend in their album is NOT your friend, you still get to open that particular album and browse through their photos.  Lo and behold, Nix was tagged by her older sister in a photo belonging in an album named “Andrew and I” (does anyone want to guess what this particular album contains?).  Obviously, psycho me couldn’t pass up a chance to ferret through Rachelle’s account (especially since it’s been taking all of my willpower to not add her as a friend).  The one thing that I realized was this – Andrew Martin looks remarkably like everyone one else in his family.  Anyway, enough of that.  At this point, I’m just going to end this particular topic by saying that I still have the urge of adding her in my account.  How psychotic, pathetic and screwed up is that?

I still say that I would be a wonderful addition to the FBI.  My other dream jobs are as follows:

  • To become a spy
  • To become an assassin

On to other things…

Boyfriend, Vhekkie and I watched Up last weekend.  Due to all the very, very nice comments that I heard about it, it seemed like such a good movie.  I was expecting a kiddie movie with a moral lesson in the end.  In fairness, I did get that.  What I did not expect was the enormous amount of depression that I would feel twenty minutes into the feature film.

The movie starts off showing Mr. Frederickson as a kid.  Then, after attending a film showing of the rise and fall of an adventurer whose name I cannot remember right now, he meets this other kid with ultra wild hair.  Then he grows up, marries Ellie, works as a balloon-seller and then gets very, very old.  Ellie dies right before they get to go on their adventure and neither of them does what they’ve always dreamed of – living in some strange place in South America on top of a waterfall.  Somewhere in the middle of the movie, I suddenly realized that Ellie was the kid with the ultra wild hair.  I really did not see that Ultra-Wild-Hair-Kid was a girl.  Anyway, by the time Ellie withers away and dies, I’m so depressed that I’m on the verge of crying.  And then the funny parts begins.

The other main character in this movie is Russel – this egg-shaped kid (no neck, no waist) with a patch of hair covered by a cap.  He’s introduced as a Junior Wilderness something about to graduate into a Senior Wilderness something.  The only thing he lacks is the badge earned by helping out an elderly person.  He chooses to bug Mr. Frederickson to earn the badge.  Unfortunately, Mr. Frederickson isn’t the most accommodating person in the world, especially since someone wants to buy his house and lot to complete an urban project.  The old man refuses the kid twice or thrice, thinking that this would stop him.

He then decides to go on the big adventure he and Ellie had always planned by inflating millions of balloons that miraculously pull his house from the ground.  The millions of balloons also succeeds in keeping his house afloat.  Airborne, he hears a knock on his door.  When he checks his porch, he finds Russell, petrified.  This begins the strange friendship between the grumpy old man and the egg-shaped kid.

Fast forward to when they finally find themselves somewhere in South America.  In this strange and forresty land, they encounter interesting characters – Kevin, the exotic bird which apparently understands human speech, and the Talking Dog whose name I cannot remember either.  On a side note, Kevin is also insanely attracted to something – which the Grumpy Old Man uses some time in the film to save their lives – that I cannot recall as of the moment.

The rest of the movie is an adventure.  From a child’s point of view, it’s a completely new world that has enormous birds and talking mammals.  By the time that they were on the funner part of the movie, I could feel the depression ebbing away.  The only problem with Up is that no matter how funny or how entertaining the latter part of the film was, it couldn’t completely erase the feeling of depression that the first part brings.  In conversations that I’ve had with some other people (Elowee and Vhekkie), we have come to the conclusion that at such an early age, most children would not be able to fully understand the feeling of loss Mr. Frederickson had when Ellie died.  Actually, most children would not understand that Ellie had passed away… that, or they’re still in that phase wherein their parents are telling them that she had gone to a more wonderful place and is very, very happy.  But for people who are of a higher intellect (an assumption, I know), the movie is so very, very sad and is never able to fully compensate for that sadness.

I have no intentions of giving a scene-by-scene description of what happened – not only because this is not how I usually write my reviews, but mainly due to the fact that I cannot.  I fell asleep somewhere in the middle of the movie.  Unfortunately, Boyfriend fell asleep at around the same time so no one could update me on what happened.

What I can add are these… The Unnamed Adventurer later on appears as an antagonist and falls to his death near the end of the film.  He is also responsible for the collars that allow the dogs to speak human.  Unfortunately, the Alpha Dog’s collar is damaged and he ends up sounding like a chipmunk.  Despite being a Doberman with uber pointy ears, it really does undermine his authority and lessens the level of his perceivable menace.

Would I recommend you to watch Up?  Yes, I would.  Overall, it still a very entertaining film and is something that most children would genuinely enjoy.  There are also moments that are really funny – sometimes because the script is witty, sometimes it’s because the animation is very apt, and sometimes it’s because what happens is so surreal that you will have no other response but disbelief.

Like Mr. Frederickson turning into a semi-Rambo character.  And finding out that Kevin is a girl.

Holed Up in Arsenal B

Drowning in UK Role Plays (starring Lara and Joel)

Blessed Be…

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…Knows How the Time-Space Continuum Works

I (pause for effect), woke up on the wrong side of the bed… and maybe this is not the best time for me to be writing because I have no filtering system during moments like these.

My other half went home to Bulacan for a blood drive.  He left at 6:30 am, saying that he would be back by around 1:00 pm or 2:00 pm.  Well, guess what?  I woke up after 2:00 pm… and he wasn’t here.  I’ve had conversations with Yolly about something like this probably a month and a half ago.  Our point was this:  It’s okay to be somewhere else… BUT LET US KNOW.  I don’t mind that he couldn’t make it back by the time that he kept promising over and over again, but when I had to initiate communication because I’ve woken up after the promised time and couldn’t find him here and that was the only time that he sent a message saying that he was still two hours away from Manila… THEN it became a little annoying.

Sent to Boyfriend (8:36 am): Mahal?  Kamusta ka naman po sa byahe?

Received from Boyfriend (8:37 am): Ok naman po.  Bakit hindi ka pa din natutulog?

Sent to Boyfriend (8:38 am): Hindi pa ako makatulog eh.  Pero mejo inaantok na ako.  Nakarating ka na ba?

Received from Boyfriend (8:41 am): Wala pa ko s munisipyo pero nasa hagonoy na ko.

Sent to Boyfriend (8:50 am): I love you

Received from Boyfriend (8:50 am): I love you too!

Received from Boyfriend (9:19 am): Mahal, dito na po ako sa munisipyo.

Sent to Boyfriend (11:22 am): Mahal?

Received from Boyfriend (11:23 am): Yes po? Dito pa po ako.  Daming tao eh.

Sent to Boyfriend (2:21 pm): Mahal?

Received from Boyfriend (2:22 pm): Yes po?  Kakakuha lang ng dugo sa kin.  Uwi na ako after.

Sent to Boyfriend (2:22 pm): Hala.  Ang late naman.

Received from Boyfriend (2:24 pm): ang dami kasing tao.  Tas nagkita pa kami ni Rodwin.  Kamusta ka po dyan?  Direcho na po ako dyan.

Sent to Boyfriend (2:28 pm): Kakagising ko lang.  Sakit ng ulo ko.

Received from Boyfriend (2:38 pm): Inom ka po ng gamot.  Direcho na po ako jan?

Sent to Boyfriend (2:29 pm): Ikaw

Sent to Boyfriend (2:45 pm): The pictures of the blood drive was posted a couple of hours ago.  Mukha naman syang successful.

Received from Boyfriend (2:48 pm): Oo nga.  Meh mga pics din ako. Dami tao. Puro samahan ng mga trike drivers saka mga tao sa opisina.  Magkasama lang kami ni Rodwin ngayon.

Sent to Boyfriend (2:49 pm): Not for anything, Mahal, pero sana nagmessage ka na hindi ka makakauwi agad.  Ok lang naman ng magtagal ka jan eh.

Received from Boyfriend (2:50 pm): Kanina pa po ako nagtetext.

One of my many talents is poking holes at arguments… and there were so many holes in the logic presented through the messages that we exchanged.  After his last, I refused to send another message lest this becomes another one of our fights.  And I really can’t deal with anything like that right now.  Hey, at least I told him what I felt (very euphemistically).  That’s a lot better than just keeping it inside again and then feeling incredibly repressed. Sometimes, while I commute going to the office, I often find myself coming up with theories about my life.  I do like taking the alternative route to Burgundy.  It’s my quiet time.  It allows me to think about so many things without really having to filter.  That’s one of my weaknesses – my ability to filter sometimes overpowers to my ability to express what I really wanted to say.  Anyway, at one point, I started wondering what would my cause of death be and came up with this:

Cause of Death: Cardiac Arrest

I’ll be the first to admit that the lifestyle I lead is not the healthiest.  I’m not careful of what I eat and I don’t exercise regularly.  Compound that with the inexplicable fear of getting into a confrontational situation and you have a really, really good formula for cardiac arrest.  Most studies show that men are more prone to having illnesses related to the heart because men, by nature, compartmentalize more and are less expressive of their emotions.  In that aspect, I am very, very much like a man.  And, if I don’t find ways of venting out all my ill feelings, I have no doubt that I will die very, very much like a man as well.


On a side note, I posted the Pater Noster in my blog because it was something that I knew I could believe in.  The teachings in the Way of Love does not even contradict my beliefs in the Divine Feminine.  It’s a very fresh perspective on doctrine and Christianity and it somehow gives me hope that one day, maybe I will find my way back to the church as how it was truly supposed to be.

Right now, I realize that there are a couple of petals that I need to work on.

Holed Up in: Our Room in Colorado

Drowning In: Dialogues from 24, Season 6 (and I really need to start paying attention)

Blessed Be.

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Sunday Service

I saw him a split second before these happened:

  • The cab driver suddenly started spewing curses
  • The cab screeching to a halt
  • The motorcycle driver suddenly disappearing from beyond the cab

It turned out that a bike crashed into our cab while we were about to turn into 18th Avenue from Boni Serrano (formerly known as P. Tuazon).  Boyfriend, Chrissy and I were on our way to pick up Rodwin – Boyfriend’s friend who just came home from Taiwan.  Turns out that he’s a pretty okay guy – from what I gathered from the 10 minutes that we were awkwardly sitting in the back of a cab (a different cab) – with really pretty hair.  If I were him, I’d grow it longer and have bangs put in.  But that’s not the point of this post.

The point is, before I found myself squashed at the back seat of a cab with Boyfriend and his friend, before we even got to meet up with Rodwin, our EMP cab got hit by a motorcycle.  Chrissy was the first one out of the cab – later on, he told me that the first thing our driver thought about was whether he was at fault or not.  It was him, Chrissy, that started asking about the other driver.  I remember looking out the window, trying to see if the other driver was bleeding, broken or dead (morbid that way).  He wasn’t.  He was angry.

Anyway, as what always happens in the RP whenever another accident occurs in public, people start congregating around the area.  This wasn’t a surprise… even I have a thing about watching a scene without really doing anything.  When I looked at the crowd, however, I saw two security guards that I assume were assigned to one of the buildings nearby.  Haller!  Trained people on security and there they were, looking around, just like the rest, looking for another story to tell the next day.  When Chrissy and I were exchanging thoughts, I mentioned that all they seemed to be interested in is to get gossip – they didn’t even bother to call the police.  Someone else had to do that.

I asked Sheryll to look up the number of either the Barangay or the Cubao police department 10 minutes after we got hit.  Why?  Because there was still no authority figure there.  Boyfriend called the number she came up with and found himself unable to contact anyone.  We tried calling 117 (the RP’s version of 911) and reported what happened.

Another 20 minutes passed before a couple of MMDA officers arrived on the scene.  We couldn’t leave because we were witnesses (no, the cabbie wasn’t at fault).  When they got there, there was absolutely no process.  No one was taking pictures (except for me, see image below) and they ended up not talking to us.  They talked to Boyfriend but it was only because he spoke up.  Chrissy and I were at the corder of the sidewalk, coming up with all sorts of theories (like when the motorcycle driver disappeared for a while, we came up with the story that he got himself a gun and would start shooting us all when he got back).  Chrissy said, “This is where our taxes go?”

It was appalling.  Interesting, but appalling.

By the time we started walking into 18th Avenue, the MMDA people were still there, as well as the cabbie and the bike driver.  There was no resolution.  From what I gathered from Boyfriend, it wasn’t even supposed to be the MMDA who were supposed to be there.  They weren’t going to be the ones doing the investigation.  Apparently, the people we left behind were still waiting for other people to arrive.  And to think Camp Crame was about 10 minutes away.

Again, it provided enough entertainment for me to feel the need to write about it, but it really is appalling.

Accident Scene


Nicholas Brandon – more popularly known as Xander Harris from the now-concluded series Buffy the Vampire Slayer – can now be found playing Technical Analyst Kevin Lynch in the third season of Criminal Minds. 🙂

Star Signs

The Bottom Line

Your appearance matters more than ever today — dress right for the job you want.

In Detail

When you feel sad, mad, bad or frustrated, you create. The same is true when you feel happy, pleased, ecstatic or content. Making things up is the way that you say, ‘Here I am’ in this world. You’re on a roll. What are you making? What kinds of pleasure is it bringing you? What’s the mood behind it? See if you can answer some of those questions as you fashion your latest masterpiece.

With what happened tonight, I’m writing a blog entry.  Depending on what happens in the next five days, I might just write a resignation letter.

Holed Up In: Our Room in Colorado

Drowning In: Dialogues from Criminal Minds

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Random Ramblings (08.03.09)


The Bottom Line

Your intense emotions are mellowing out today, which should make today very easy.

In Detail

Why are you trying so hard to be modest about all of your accomplishments? It makes no sense to be humble now. Let everyone know how proud you are of yourself — you’ll get no denials from anyone! You will join the ranks of friends in high places, because your credibility and influence are about to increase dramatically. Start acting and looking the part. It’s a great time to invest in building your wardrobe into something more impressive.


I miss watching Boyz II Men.  The next time I go to a DVD place, I’ll make sure to start looking for concerts.  Ooohh… Chris Daughtry has a new song out.  It’s called “No Surprise” and sounds great!

I’m not in the greatest of places today… maybe later will be a little better.

Holed up in: Our Bedroom in Colorado

Drowning in: No Surprise – Chris Daughtry

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