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Protected: Just A Little Bit of Paradise

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Home, I think, is not a place.

Home, to me, is a moment. A heartbeat. A breath.

It’s the silences in symphonies, the comfortable quiet in conversations. Home is where laughter is real and where smiles are sometimes sad.

Home is where I don’t need to pretend. Where I can shine as brightly as I want without ever worrying that I might outshine something else. Where all the different versions of me blend into one real being – where I can be brilliant and bold and brave and broken all at the same time. Where I can be tired and angry and it would be okay.

And home… home is where I am free.

You are enough.

You will always be enough.

At least for me.

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Of Hope and Sadness

As the sun broke against the slumbering sky
Today... today you used my name
Despite confessions of love in days gone past
Today's profession was not the same
Amidst the hustle, the bustle, the stop and the go
There are seconds of silence that become a song
And beats so steady, a rhythm of drums
Of wishes and prayers for the one I long
On the day when my heart is tired
The words rouse my soul from death so dark
And thoughts of touches, of gazes, of whispers and sighs
Today... today would leave a mark

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Photographs and Memories


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But what if they can’t?

It’s horrid, sometimes, when you’re acutely aware of your place.

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Out of Endovier

I’ve been reading quite a lot these days – not just the Daybook I’ve mentioned several times in a couple of posts – but also the books that have led to Kingdom of Ash. I wanted to relive the dream before I entered the final chapter. It’s true what they say – the thing about reading a great book is that you want to finish it… and the problem is that you want to finish it.

My tale (not the one I’m reading) isn’t finished. Not yet. Not even if I had already put a period some years ago, when I had thought I had finally found that much-elusive happily-ever-after. I put my last period and I closed my book.

Then one day, I opened it and found a blank page staring at me. And so my soul picked up a quill and life began weaving another story.

“Tell Rowan that I’m sorry I lied. But tell him it was all borrowed time anyway. Even before today, I knew it was all just borrowed time, but I still wish we’d had more of it.”

– Aelin Ashryver Whitethorn Galthynius, Kingdom of Ash

There is something about this series that simply connected to my core – from the very first line in the very first book that I read. There is something about Aelin that makes me feel as though I was often looking at a mirror. There is something about the Fae that speaks to me and my story more than any mortal tale has ever had. Possibly because they have no place in this world, similar to how I normally feel about my existence – I, after all, was the girl who said that I belong nowhere and everywhere. Possibly because in their world, magic still exists – the firm belief that nothing is impossible. Possibly because in their world, there is a bond that exists that is stronger than any piece of legal document that could be signed… a bond stronger than any words uttered before a witness of a god that I barely believe in… a bond that cannot be explained, that surpasses the limits given by time and age and distance… a bond that exists between mates.

And so I often live in a world between pages, where heaven and hell exist on the same plane. A world forged by ice and flame, by mist and magic, by light and shadows. A world where wyverns, witches, healers and magic-wielders live. A world where mates, even on borrowed time, finally get to find each other.


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I Like Me Better When I’m With You

Because being with you is like coming home.

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