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Life Paths

I took one of those online test things and came up with this…


♥ ♥ ♥


Your Numerology Profile

Your Life Path Number represents the path you should take through life and the talents and skills you have to make your journey a rewarding one.

As 1 marked beginnings and leadership, 9 marks completion of the circle and humanitarianism. 9 is the number that finishes all that was started by the numbers which come before it. 9 represents highly developed intuition and spirituality. 9 also represents the apex of human spiritual development. It is considered the supreme number of the 1 to 9 circle. While 9 denotes endings it also signifies the mastery of all the challenges faced by the numbers which precede it.

Having a 9 Life Path makes you very compassionate and tolerant towards the world around you. You strive to serve the better good, sometimes at the expense of your own desires. You have the ability to attract people from all walks of life.

Positive Traits

Compassionate, Tolerant, Benevolent, Intuitive, Mystical, Charming, Idealistic

Negative Traits

Stingy, Impulsive, Intolerant, Insensitive, Effusive


Tarot: Hermit
Astrology: Sun,Virgo, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Sagitarius
Rune: Jera
I Ching: #20 Kuan
Tree of Life: Jesod, Foundation
Hebrew Letter: Teth, Tzaddi
Shamanism: Squirrel, Snake, and Reptiles
Element: Fire
Alchemy: Earth and Gold
Aura: Fall Colors
Colors: Yellow-Gold, Indigo
Gemstone: Opal
Crystal: Quartz
Month: September
Week Day: Monday
Lucky Numbers: 1, 5, 6, 9, 18, 27, 36, 54, 63, 72, 81, 90, 99, 108,
Flora: Holly, Magnolia, Buttercup, Sycamore, Oak


♥ ♥ ♥


On another note… It ends tonight.


Holed Up in Our Room in Colorado

Drowning in Dailogue from The Mentalist

Blessed Be…


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Calls of Nature

Strangely enough, I did not dream of Rachelle earlier.  Instead, I dreamt of her sister, Reneeca.

I was at a beach… I don’t recognize the place, but it looked a little like something out of Pirates.  There was a giant crab that we found on its back (and when I say giant, I mean wider than a sedan), which later on flipped over and scuttled away.  The only other person I remember from the dream was Gigi.

Anyway, I saw her as she walked past the doorway.  I asked for her name (as if I didn’t know) and who she was looking for.  It turned out she was looking for Boyfriend.  I didn’t mind, actually.  So we had a real semi-conversation and all’s well that ends well.  She looked exactly like her primary pic in Facebook.  If I put a picture of her here, it would be the one where she had these awesome boots on.  I absolutely loved her look in this photo (she’s the one on the right).

Some other things…

I had a bit of a chat with Roxanne today, though the IM feature of Facebook.  Here’s the whole of our conversation:


joey qustion pag ka b nagpost ka tas ni remove mu sa wall mu s profile mu ndi na mag appear sa wall?!



dapat hindi na

ang alam ko sa profile mo tatanggalin yun

hindi ako sure kung meh option to remove sa wall eh



btw, meh nipost akong bulletin sa fs… meh opening yng account namin

baka meh kakilala kang type mag call center




ahhh try ko mag ask hehe



hehe… salamat!

Wasn’t that nice?  Actually, I’m really not that bad… 😉

And just because I’m running out of time, here’s my star stuff for today…

The Bottom Line

You are projecting an aura of calm confidence today — who cares if it’s bravado?

In Detail

The pace of the day will be fast — but you’ll love every minute of it. For a while now you’ve been itching for the people around you to pick up the pace, and you will definitely get your wish now. You will be in the middle of the action, playing conductor to a mad bunch of musicians who won’t always follow your lead. Humor will be a useful tool for getting what you want from people who don’t want to appear to be under your thumb. Reverse psychology will work wonders with a younger frien

Catch y’all later!

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There is a Land Called Passive Aggressiva…

… and I am their queen.

I picked that line up from Grey’s Anatomy.  Season 2, if I’m not mistaken – which, again, reminds me that I really should start watching the rest of Season 5.  And cry buckets and buckets of tears.  I’ve gotten hooked on How I Met Your Mother (Boyfriend and I should technically be done with all the completed seasons but he refuses to watch the last couple of episodes of Season 4) and Supernatural (Boyfriend doesn’t watch this) and have kind of forgotten about some of the other things that I used to watch.  Maybe it’s time to rekindle my relationships with Christina and Miranda (Grey’s Anatomy), Haley and Payton (One Tree Hill) and Addison (Private Practice).  But then again, I still have seasons 8 and 9 of CSI: Las Vagas to watch.  And just because I’m writing, I have to put this down.  I hate Jorja Fox’s character.  I wish she were dead.  Haha…

Another thing… here’s what my horoscope from Friendster say:

The Bottom Line

The stars are playing mom. Are you eating right? Exercising? Wearing a sweater?

In Detail

Some of the people around you are moving into exciting changes, and their happiness is contagious. Volunteer to help them with any finishing touches and get in on the good karma they’re enjoying. You are as happy for them as you would be for yourself in this situation, and your generous spirit is helping them enjoy their success. Not everyone can be this big hearted, and they appreciate your support. This is a growth phase for your relationships.

Boyfriend, although not ecstatically happy, is probably the only one of my 6-degrees who’s going through “exciting changes”, so I’m thinking it might be about him.  Lines 3 and 4 are so not true – not because I don’t want him to have new friends or that I don’t like this particular group of unknown people.  It’s just not me.  I’m incredibly proud of him and I’m glad that things seem to be working out with the whole Convergys thing… but I’m not about to go jumping up and down about it.  Not my style.  As I’ve told my mentees, time and time again… my particular brand of humor is very dry and often times very sarcastic.  So no abnormal amounts of happiness for me.

Admittedly, what happened last Friday was most definitely not one his shining moments of glory, but it wasn’t so bad.  Honestly?  I wasn’t mad.  I was just disappointed that I had to wait for 4 hours for him to show up… and made my friends wait along with me.  But it wasn’t a biggie so that blew over quick.  I have no strangely irrational irritation with this particular group of unknowns.  Let’s hope they someday turn into “Knowns” and that the feeling remains the same.  Oh, and just because we’re on the topic, I was checking out Boyfriend’s new friends on Facebook and found his trainer (I think) to be friends with one of my high school classmates.  Small world.

And then there was today.  I came home feeling slightly annoyed.  I signed up for a bunch of account interviews, you see.  You get it – trying to put my name on lights without the annoying the rest of the world.  Anyway, I thought that Boyfriend would be keeping the same schedule next week, so I agreed to conduct interviews from 6:00 pm to 12:00 am (which means that I will be in a horrible, horrible mood for the most of next week).  Anyway, I later on found out that they might be changing schedules.  So I ask him if he could ask a little earlier what next week’s time will be.

“Di ko alam.”

Seriously?  Dude, you think you can try just a little bit harder?  It’s one question.  Would it have been so hard to respond with “Ay, I don’t know, pero I’ll try to ask.”  Haller?  Girlfriend trying to adjust here.  And no, I will not go into a soliloquy about the things I’ve done to make my schedule fit yours.  Digging up past issues is so 2007.  But I’ll never tell him that.  All the sassiness and the wittily-written comments apparently stop here.  In person I will be professional, polite and sweet (I couldn’t resist)… and passive aggressive.

Big Haha..

Holed Up in Our Room in Colorado

Drowning in the Hum of the AC

Blessed Be…

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The Bottom Line

Keep puzzling it out while you wait for clarity. Bewildered? It’s all hazy now.

In Detail

Sometimes to get yourself together, you have to allow yourself to go to pieces first. Sounds puzzling? Well, it can be. If the solution or the root of a problem has been eluding you, it’s time to dismantle all the parts that make up the whole and examine each of them separately before you try to build some kind of coalition or solution. That way, you can identify where the issue is and really fix things, as opposed to applying merely a temporary solution.

I, like, so agree!!!  Can someone please tell that to Mother?

I had another dream earlier… and I can’t remember most of it (which is driving me crazy, really).  What I do remember is that it felt like little snippets of memories that someone tried to put together.  I didn’t make a lot of sense and, right now, I can’t find a logical thread connecting the things that happened.

It started with me finding out that Rachelle and I had a common friend in Facebook – Ykhing.  In reality, we have 4 common friends: Reneeca, Karen, Rosemarie and Roxanne.  Then we suddenly shift and Boyfriend is in the story with me.  We were in Bulacan – I’m assuming Hagonoy because that’s the only place in Bulacan that I’ve been to – and were walking past this convenience store that looks like one of those stores in Baguio.  In fact, the store had a distinct Baguio feel.  I should have looked in the cases to see what they were selling.  I only said that it was a convenience store because those were the words on the door.

Anyway, Boyfriend glances at the convenience store and reacts – the kind wherein you see someone you haven’t seen for the longest time.  I look through the glass doors and who do I see?  Rachelle.  Apparently, she’s working in the convenience store that summer (I don’t know how I come up with these things… but I was sure that it was summer.  I guess my dreams follow the US calendar for education).  She and Boyfriend greet each other like long lost friends which, surprisingly, doesn’t hurt.  But it was slightly irritating.  Then Boyfriend leaves the store for some strange reason and I’m left there, with the girl I have a perverse interest in.  So I walk around the store and she stays near the cases (at least she doesn’t follow me around like those other annoying sales people in other establishments).  I don’t have the foggiest of what happened after that, but what I remember next was that I was on my way out of the store.  I was halfway out when I turned to her and asked, “What’s wrong with you?  Don’t you love Andrew?”

She gives me a straight answer.  “No.  Inom lang kasi ng inom.  Gimmik ng gimmik.”

Aaand… nothing.  I don’t remember anything else after that.  I’m trying to find a picture of her that I could upload in here.  Ooooh!  Found one.  This was from her trip to Singapore earlier last year.


Holed Up in Our Room in Colorado

Drowning in The Slight Hum of my Mac

Blessed Be…

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It’s Like I have Turret’s

The Bottom Line

Ignore the external world today; reach inward to get all the strength you need.

In Detail

Things that appeal to your intellect will be drawing you in today. You’ll find that the most challenging concepts will suddenly make a lot of common sense, and your brain will get a new sense of its capabilities. This means it’s the perfect day to readdress a project or book that has been a struggle to deal with. Complicated ideas aren’t so complicated right now — in fact, they’re pretty fun to wade through! If you’re being tested or challenged in any way today, expect things to go well.

Strangely enough, I dreamt of Rachelle again the other day.  Because I was too lazy to write anything down, I don’t have a clear idea of everything that happened anymore.  What I do remember was that I threw a drink at her and held her down in a pool with the help of my many, many arms (for some reason, I had somehow embodied Vishnu at that point).  Angst much?

Big Haha.

Since Reneeca is now a friend in Facebook, I get to see whenever she gets tagged in someone else’s album.  The other thing about this online account is that if the person who tags your friend in their album is NOT your friend, you still get to open that particular album and browse through their photos.  Lo and behold, Nix was tagged by her older sister in a photo belonging in an album named “Andrew and I” (does anyone want to guess what this particular album contains?).  Obviously, psycho me couldn’t pass up a chance to ferret through Rachelle’s account (especially since it’s been taking all of my willpower to not add her as a friend).  The one thing that I realized was this – Andrew Martin looks remarkably like everyone one else in his family.  Anyway, enough of that.  At this point, I’m just going to end this particular topic by saying that I still have the urge of adding her in my account.  How psychotic, pathetic and screwed up is that?

I still say that I would be a wonderful addition to the FBI.  My other dream jobs are as follows:

  • To become a spy
  • To become an assassin

On to other things…

Boyfriend, Vhekkie and I watched Up last weekend.  Due to all the very, very nice comments that I heard about it, it seemed like such a good movie.  I was expecting a kiddie movie with a moral lesson in the end.  In fairness, I did get that.  What I did not expect was the enormous amount of depression that I would feel twenty minutes into the feature film.

The movie starts off showing Mr. Frederickson as a kid.  Then, after attending a film showing of the rise and fall of an adventurer whose name I cannot remember right now, he meets this other kid with ultra wild hair.  Then he grows up, marries Ellie, works as a balloon-seller and then gets very, very old.  Ellie dies right before they get to go on their adventure and neither of them does what they’ve always dreamed of – living in some strange place in South America on top of a waterfall.  Somewhere in the middle of the movie, I suddenly realized that Ellie was the kid with the ultra wild hair.  I really did not see that Ultra-Wild-Hair-Kid was a girl.  Anyway, by the time Ellie withers away and dies, I’m so depressed that I’m on the verge of crying.  And then the funny parts begins.

The other main character in this movie is Russel – this egg-shaped kid (no neck, no waist) with a patch of hair covered by a cap.  He’s introduced as a Junior Wilderness something about to graduate into a Senior Wilderness something.  The only thing he lacks is the badge earned by helping out an elderly person.  He chooses to bug Mr. Frederickson to earn the badge.  Unfortunately, Mr. Frederickson isn’t the most accommodating person in the world, especially since someone wants to buy his house and lot to complete an urban project.  The old man refuses the kid twice or thrice, thinking that this would stop him.

He then decides to go on the big adventure he and Ellie had always planned by inflating millions of balloons that miraculously pull his house from the ground.  The millions of balloons also succeeds in keeping his house afloat.  Airborne, he hears a knock on his door.  When he checks his porch, he finds Russell, petrified.  This begins the strange friendship between the grumpy old man and the egg-shaped kid.

Fast forward to when they finally find themselves somewhere in South America.  In this strange and forresty land, they encounter interesting characters – Kevin, the exotic bird which apparently understands human speech, and the Talking Dog whose name I cannot remember either.  On a side note, Kevin is also insanely attracted to something – which the Grumpy Old Man uses some time in the film to save their lives – that I cannot recall as of the moment.

The rest of the movie is an adventure.  From a child’s point of view, it’s a completely new world that has enormous birds and talking mammals.  By the time that they were on the funner part of the movie, I could feel the depression ebbing away.  The only problem with Up is that no matter how funny or how entertaining the latter part of the film was, it couldn’t completely erase the feeling of depression that the first part brings.  In conversations that I’ve had with some other people (Elowee and Vhekkie), we have come to the conclusion that at such an early age, most children would not be able to fully understand the feeling of loss Mr. Frederickson had when Ellie died.  Actually, most children would not understand that Ellie had passed away… that, or they’re still in that phase wherein their parents are telling them that she had gone to a more wonderful place and is very, very happy.  But for people who are of a higher intellect (an assumption, I know), the movie is so very, very sad and is never able to fully compensate for that sadness.

I have no intentions of giving a scene-by-scene description of what happened – not only because this is not how I usually write my reviews, but mainly due to the fact that I cannot.  I fell asleep somewhere in the middle of the movie.  Unfortunately, Boyfriend fell asleep at around the same time so no one could update me on what happened.

What I can add are these… The Unnamed Adventurer later on appears as an antagonist and falls to his death near the end of the film.  He is also responsible for the collars that allow the dogs to speak human.  Unfortunately, the Alpha Dog’s collar is damaged and he ends up sounding like a chipmunk.  Despite being a Doberman with uber pointy ears, it really does undermine his authority and lessens the level of his perceivable menace.

Would I recommend you to watch Up?  Yes, I would.  Overall, it still a very entertaining film and is something that most children would genuinely enjoy.  There are also moments that are really funny – sometimes because the script is witty, sometimes it’s because the animation is very apt, and sometimes it’s because what happens is so surreal that you will have no other response but disbelief.

Like Mr. Frederickson turning into a semi-Rambo character.  And finding out that Kevin is a girl.

Holed Up in Arsenal B

Drowning in UK Role Plays (starring Lara and Joel)

Blessed Be…

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Because Knowing is Half the Battle

Just because I haven’t done this in a couple of days…

The Bottom Line

Be patient. A friend is having a hard time managing their partnership with you.

In Detail

How long has it been since you made a real effort to get away from it all? Okay, you may not be able to get away to Aruba on the spur of the moment (although if you can, you definitely should), but you can find a few moments to spend some TLC on yourself. How about a walk in the park before work? Maybe a few hours after work with the phone unplugged and your favorite book? It’s amazing how refreshing even a brief respite can be.

Boyfriend and I have been talking about going back to Baguio.  Honestly, my two trips earlier this year really did make me realize that deep down inside, despite my obvious enjoyment of the drama, I think I’d want a quiet life one day.  That was what I found in Baguio.  Quiet.  Peace.  With what’s been happening these past few days, maybe it’s time that I go back.  There are a couple of places that we’ve been wanting to go to but haven’t been able to visit (like the Crystal Cave and the Grotto).  I just remembered that because of what the stars said.

On to other things…

I was surprised.  I honestly did not think that I would enjoy the G.I. Joe movie, seeing that the reviews have been mixed and that I had no real interest in the cartoon series, but I’m glad that it turned out to be a decent experience.  Was it the greatest movie ever made?  No.  Was a sorry that I waited one entire week before finally watching it?  No.  But in the end, I’m glad I did.  We were deciding between Up and G.I. Joe before having dinner.  Up has been getting really good reviews (plus I wanted to watch it because the tubby little boy is sooo cute!) and G.I. Joe seems to be leaving viewers confused as to whether they like it or not.  The again, I’ve never been known to rely much on reviews.  When I was in college – or some time right after I graduated –  I bought a copy of Gigly.  Despite everyone – local and international – saying that the movie sucked, I still wanted to watch it.  At the end of it all, I wanted to be the one to decide whether or not it was crap.

It was crap.

G.I. Joe, on the other hand. was not.  To be honest, beyond Channing Tatum, Marlon Wayans, Dennis Quaid and Sienna Miller, I actually bother to check who else was in the movie.  The cinematography was to die for, just like the second Transformers movie.  I liked the twist at the end – how Rex survived the explosion and later on became that weird but brilliant doctor who masterminded the whole nanotechnology thing.  Admittedly, I got it before the plot eventually unfolded itself, but there’s still that little bit of satisfaction from being right all along.

The Baroness, played by Sienna Miller, was definitely something to watch.  I initially thought that she would be the most interesting characters in the movie – being Duke’s (Channing Tatum) former fiancee and all.  During the movie, I found myself wondering whether or not I had found another Nina Myers.  Unfortunately, this was not to be.  In the end, love conquers all and The Baroness turns good once again.

I so hated that.  It would have been better if she had stayed evil until the end.  I mean, if there is going to be a sequel, who’s going to be the kick-ass bad chick?

The MOST interesting character for me was Snake Eyes.  Storm Shadow was a very, very close second.  I love the background story between them and was very sorry that Storm Shadow died in the end.  He was a very effective villain – efficient and unforgiving.

I loved how they inserted flashbacks to explain stories that made most characters who they were.  It would be interesting if they went further with that and developed something independent focused on each of the characters.  Without the disappointment of The Baroness’ change of heart, I would have given this movie a 4.0.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Holed Up in Our Room in Colorado

Drowning in Dialogues from Supernatural

Blessed Be…

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Craving for Pineapples on Bread

I spent most of today in bed, unable to get up and feeling queasy.  It’s better now – at least I’m upright – so I coerced Boyfriend to let me stay up and watch the episodes of Lipstick Jungle that I coerced him to download for me.  It was the first episode of their second season that I was able to watch first.  Given my less than ordinary work hours, it’s somehow become a challenge for me to figure out the permanent schedules of some shows.  Wait, all shows.  Needless to say, I missed all of Season One and didn’t really get into it until the second season started.  Boyfriend just came out of the bathroom announcing that Lipstick Jungle’s been cancelled and I won’t be seeing a third season.  I have to believe him – he’s likes googling these things.

Anyway, somewhere in the middle of season 1, episode 2, I started craving for Yellow Cab’s version of a Hawaiian Delight.  Boyfriend and I have recently replaced our usual order (Manhattan Meatlovers) for something less expensive and, apparently, just as appetizing.  It’s the pineapples.  I like its contrast to the saltiness of the bacon.  I also like how it’s texture contrasts that of the cheese.

Brooke Shield’s character looks most out of place in Lipstick Jungle – or maybe I’m just biased because hers is the character that I like least.  I love Kim Raver’s frame and Lindsey Price’s version of art.  Shield’s character like is the third person that just has to be there so that the cast can be considered complete.  If it is true that this series isn’t getting a third season, it’s sad… but completely understandable.  This reminds me that I have to write about watching Visionaries and all the weird insights that I got viewing it again after 20 years.

Star Signs

The Bottom Line

You haven’t seen a friend for a while, and they are eager to hear from you today.

In Detail

Despite what the calendar says, you’ve still got plenty of time to reach the goal you’ve given yourself. Do not give up just because you think you won’t make it! Most of what you need to do is already done, so pace your day and keep things at an easy, controlled tempo. There’s no telling what other people are up to, so if you’re dying to find out, ask! You have a healthy curiosity and a witty way of feeding it. Charm the answers out of everyone!

Till next time…

Holed Up In: The Living Room

Drowning In: Dialogues from Lipstick Jungle

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